Hecate love spell.

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Hecate love spell.
Post # 1
Ok so hears the gist. Tried to cast a love spell late night involving hecate. Burned some lavender incence, stomped my feet on the ground to get her attention, heard dogs barking as I chanted. That's what I did. Went to bed. But when I woke up a few hours later, when I went into my kitchen the quartz crystal that I had in my bedroom in a drawer was out on the kitchen counter. What does that mean?
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Re: Hecate love spell.
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Carry the crystal with you, it seems like a message from hecate - probably. Your spell may have worked in a way that made the crystal 'charged' and I believe that you should carry it on your person from now on until the spell comes into fruition.

This is at least how I interpret this event.

How do you feel about it, what is the first thought of an explanation that popped into your head - not the reasoning and the justification that came after, but the very first assumption that came into your head?

Meditate on it a bit, trust your gut and intuition


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Re: Hecate love spell.
Post # 3
I love love Hecate in fact she is my deity and I believe has been with me quite long. She is very black and white and be careful. I hope you have done or will do your homework on her. She is a wonderful ally. I suggest any spell you do invoking any deity that you research them. I could be entirely wrong but because you found the crystal in a drawer in another room you may ask yourself what barriers are stopping the love you seek. She could also be slightly unhappy if your request couldn't harm another who shouldn't be. Do you know the directions of the crystal that it was pointing at last rest? If so look to this same place you could find your answer. Brightest blessings
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Re: Hecate love spell.
Post # 4
Ok I see correction on counter. Apologies
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