Adult forums?

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Forums -> Comments -> Adult forums?
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Adult forums?
Post # 1
Is there a section if this site I might be missing that is for adults? I'm looking to learn and exchange ideas and it's so difficult with teenagers asking silly questions. Also, these teenagers are often looking for counseling type advice. Not something I am comfortable with. Just a suggestion - if there isn't a section for adults has anyone else felt this way?

Re: Adult forums?
Post # 2

There is no section for adults only. Typically we just use mail.

Re: Adult forums?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
wouldn't be a bad idea but how would it be regulated? some sites i'm on usually have a combination of the year you say you were born when you sign up, and purchasing an adult forum pass for 3-5$ depending. granted, this is the internet, some kids might think that the adult forum would be full of us talking about magic to turn them into vampires which we refuse to share or something. so they make a new account claiming they're 21, borrow their parents credit card, buy access, and boom, same problem but hopefully on a smaller scale.

using mail or joining a more exclusive coven is your best options right now. or just ignore people who ask repetitive/fluffy questions.

Re: Adult forums?
Post # 4
Yeah making it "adults only" might make it seem weird too. Not sure what the logistics are on making it happen but I appreciate the feedback. Maybe I should just stay out of chat too :) I did find a coven that is for 18+ pending my application now. As I become more familiar with the site I am finding it easier to tell who is younger by what they are posting :)

Thanks everyone!

Re: Adult forums?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Remember that it isn't just the younger members who post fantasy and nonsense. There are a fair number of our "adult" members who believe they are werewolves or other fallacious beliefs. So just because you limit a group to "adults" doesn't mean that everything posted there will be sensible. Some of the kids that I've met on SOM are very mature and serious about their magic, or at least have the potential to be so. Don't just rule out all of our younger members because of the actions of a few.

Re: Adult forums?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Lark stole my thunder completely.
This site is full of fluff no matter the age.
You should ignore the fluff and focus on those who really care about their practice.
It's not that easy I understand, I get frustrated with the fluff and I'm only 16.
I guess an adult forum , where you have to answer some questions that would distinguish fluff and no fluff, wouldn't be a bad idea. This will have people leaking through the cracks but it will be to a much lesser degree.
But putting it down it age is a stupid generalization.
I guess I'm biased as I'm a young person.

Re: Adult forums?
Post # 7

I agree with the Neko and Lark's statements above. You will still have people who claim that some practices are fluff when they are practice worldwide and might disagree with certain areas of the occult depending on what they believe in. Please also remember that many people, regardless of age, will make drama and cause issues as well. Just making an adult forum would be pointless. You could actually imagine the number of adults arguing because of different things and loosing interest in the site because of it. Just because an adult is older doesn't mean they know everything and can treat children like they don't or as if the child only know little. I actually know some members who do this and some kids that do this when they shouldn't. Also some of these silly questions are actually good questions, the fluffy questions even, because they help bring new knowledge and revise old information for new comers. There is no harm in that. Every site you see will have some way for a group of fluffs to get in. Adult or not, this is just the internet.

Re: Adult forums?
Post # 8
Too bad you dont like kids. Lol. You used to be one. J.k. I am also biased because i am a mom. Kiddos are great. They are innocent, creative, imagineative, full of energy... And alot more great things.

Re: Adult forums?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
We have an age limit for a reason. If someone really feels the need to add mature content I suggest mailing to whom your wanting to pass it on to.

Re: Adult forums?
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Its probably just better to write someone a message or have them write you a message posting on the forums won't gain you much privacy as most people tend to reply to forum posts even if you ask for lets say only 22 year olds to reply.

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