Bad luck

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Bad luck
Post # 1
Hi all I would like some help please I am going through I bad luck phase in my life and I say it like this because it happened twice before the first time 9 years ago my husband had a brain hemmorage and is still recovering and I went through a year of hell trying to sort everything out nothing went right then 3 years ago it happened again I was accused of something I never did and after a year of solicitors and a lot of hard times it. Was proven I did nothing wrong it and was put through a year of hell for nothing with not even an apology , now 3 years on its happened again I had a really bad car accident were someone ran in to me and is claiming it was my fault and I know it was not but am getting the blame I suffered bad injuries and know their is another battle in front of me but why I ask for some help is because it always starts the same with clocks , before the main thing happens for about two weeks the clocks in my house start flying of the walls across the room one was put back up on a hook and bent so it would not move but it still ended up across the room and the hook still in the wall , so please if anyone has any sort of explanation for this or what connection the clocks have with the bad luck I would love to know ,
Thank you for your time
Blessings xx
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Re: Bad luck
Post # 2
So i meditated on this and it seems to me there is a very active spirit trying to get your attention. I invisioned it as a dark shadowy figure with red eyes. Desperate but not evil. Looking around your neighborhood at night. I would try asking it what it wants but dont be afraid.
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Re: Bad luck
Post # 3
when your done with evrything you have to do go straight to your house and meditate it will help. good luck to you ^^
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Re: Bad luck
Post # 4
Hi bardi
I have herd this before a long time when I was a teenager I was told a spirit was trying to find me described the same it was in a house I had lived and the new tenants had seen it and moved out but back then I was scared but my daughter has also seen it and she was scred but never been able to find out any more like why or who it is that started after my dad died and always wondered if it was him he was a lovley man and we were very close just a thought many I could be wrong
Thank you for your reply xx
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