How can I make/have my own coven?

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Forums -> Covens -> How can I make/have my own coven?
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How can I make/have my own coven?
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How can I make/have my own coven?

my own coven?
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If you are referring to this site, I believe that no new covens will be created. There are several Covens that are in need of new leadership. You are able to apply to take over those covens if you are a member in good standing with an account that is 3 months old. There is a place to apply to them on the coven page.

If you mean in your physical area, you will need to find several like minded people and get them all to agree to form a coven. Than there is the process of deciding how things will be run and by who.

Covens, weither on line or in person, take a lot of work and guidance. They are not always easy. Covens require a few knowledgeable people to run them.

A study group may serve as the early phase of a coven if all the members are new to the path.

Re: How can I make/have my own coven?
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That feature has been locked on Spells of Magic for the time being and new covens are not to be created at the moment.

There are plenty of already existing covens on this site that teach and specialize in a great deal of magic fields. If you wish to join a coven to learn, feel free to browse the coven listings page (Groups tab) where each existing coven is listed appearing next to its picture/logo.

If you are concerned about what they teach or include simply view their homepages (by clicking on the coven's title) and you may possibly find the information you seek. If your concerns are not answered by viewing their homepage, it usually works to simply email the coven leaders or if the coven has council members they may sometimes be able to help as well.

Remember, new coven applications are closed and new covens are not as of right now, able to be created. So please do refrain from creating new threads asking how to go about creating them, again, it can not be done right now.

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