Sweet Jar Spells

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Sweet Jar Spells
Post # 1
Hi everyone :)

I wanna share my experience of working sweet jars with ypu all.

Sweet/honey jar spells are just so simple spells tp work and yet so effective & powerful.
My first attempt at a sweet jar was only a few months ago, infact I started work on two separate jars! And within weeks I started seeing results. My prayers were being answered. My first sweet jar spell was a success. (The second jar is ongoing. The matter I've requested help in will conclude early next year).
A little Over 3 weeks ago I start work on my 3rd sweet jar and ealier today I found out that my work was successful.
This was a unique & somewhat special sweet jar spell. It was my first attempt at working a sweet jar for a third party and they weren't even aware of the work I was doing for them. I had no personal curious belonging to that person or anything relating to the situation they were in.
I wrote their names and intent on parchment paper & used the appropriate herbs and oils and it was the first time I used honey instead of sugar. I started work when the moon started waxing and ended on a full moon. I really did not expect it to work so quick especially considering the frustration and the "hot-headedness" of the person I was helping, which inadvertently would clash against the work I was doing.
I was very surprised when i realised the work was a success but very very please and felt incredibly blessed. Not only are my prayers and requests being heard but they are also being answered. It is very humbling. :)
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Re: Sweet Jar Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
that's great Lord, congrats and thanks for sharing your results and experiences
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