Interesting snake dream

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Interesting snake dream
Post # 1
Hey everyone just thought that I'd share one of my dreams that I had last night
We'll I was having a normal dream I wa completely aware that it was a dream an. Then all of a sudden snakes started appearing they came in all sizes big and small but were all the same kind of a dark green brown . I tried to ignor them but then the whole scenery changed and I was standing in the middle of a jungle with nothing but snakes everywhere some of the small ones started biting me which I didn't like because I am able to feel in my dreams and remember the feeling when I awaken. Anyway I could feel their fangs inside my legs they wouldn't let go of me so I had to pull them off from what I can remember they only bit my legs and feet for some reason I was barefoot .
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Re: Interesting snake dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

In my experience snakes are a sign of healing and transformation in a dream. Snakes everywhere may mean that there is an abundance of good energy in your life that you have yet to take hold of. A bite could mean a warning or a blessing, there are many, many ways that all this could be interpreted. Here is a website specifically for interpreting snake dreams. Best of luck.

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Re: Interesting snake dream
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Interesting snake dream
Post # 4

Being that you were aware it was a dream, this state is considered lucid dreaming.

Snakes usually are a way your mind is telling you that you feel there is talk behind your back and partly because your emotion has turned itself on you. Sort of like an internal aggression that you are fighting off. Being that you were in the jungle, it also interpreted as eruptions of feelings.

What your dream is telling you is that you contain unmet anxieties in which you aren't facing.

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