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Post # 1
This is a question, I haven't exactly made the best of choices lately and what I did wasn't exactly bad but it was kind of a revenge choice. Pretty much I got back at someone for hurting me. So here's where the question of topic comes in. Yes I feel bad for what I did but at the same time I feel it was only fair. Is there some way to cleanse myself from that past and make sure that I don't make that same choice. Normally I believe that the universe will get back at those who have hurt you but I was pretty upset. I don't want this choice to make me a bad person. I want to be a good person. Are there any cleansing Rituals to help me?
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Re: Cleansing
Post # 2
I think that this isn't one of those things that needs a spell. In my opinion the best thing you can do now is remember how you feel to not do it again. It already happened and I guess you should move on now. However, I'm just going to take a wild guess and say you might want to stay away from what's considered black magic in the future cause it doesn't sound like your type of magic.
But if you really feel like you need to cleanse yourself, I would recommend using some herbs for cleansing and getting rid of negativity (black pepper, cloves, dandelion leaf, fennel seeds, flax seeds and lemongrass to name a few), cast a circle and ask your god or goddess for help whole your doing it. it would be best of you wrote the words so that they're specific to you. Hope that helped.
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Re: Cleansing
Post # 3
Do a cutting the cord spell. Make a representation of you and one of the other party. Bind them together with a cord. Cut the cord and bury the representations seperatly away from each other. Or you could burn them at different times. The key being separate so as to severe the connection.
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Re: Cleansing
By: / Novice
Post # 4
if you've already done the spell, and you're worried about karma, can't help you, it's been done. though if it's justified and you didn't go overboard with the spell, i doubt you'll receive any negative consequences.

to make sure you don't do it again though, i would try deep meditation to connect with your inner self, finding inner peace is a good step towards avoiding fruitless ventures like revenge. change the energy in a place would be a good idea, since some of the negativity from the spell or situation might still linger. have a cleansing bath, then cleanse your whole house with sage smudge. if you wish to cast a protection spell it would be a good idea, but it's up to you. i'm also not sure if you study feng shui at all [i don't] but changing the flow of energy could help as well. plus i've noticed occasionally rearranging the furniture in a space can make it seem new.
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Re: Cleansing
Post # 5
As well as everything the others have suggested, I reccomend using Dragonsblood incense. It is a protective and a cleansing incense, so use it as frequently as possible :)
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