object and subject of the world

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object and subject of the world
Post # 1
In this our physical world everything in it is made up of matter and matters is made up of the four elements, earth air fire and water, the element are made up of atomic particules that move together and curses change in matter, the atomic particule are move by the force called aura or electro magnetic force this is the histroy of every living and none living things on earth. Now the qestion is why are we on able to control the element and matters in our body and our environment and yet the matters everytime change positions on their own, the reseason for this is that many of us human refuse to understand that we have another element call the soul or the spirit, the spirit is a force on it own it excist as an intelligent wind, that control everything in our body and our environment from the moment we release that our body contain such intite we could be able to control everything on this planet earth and in the universe at large, we need to make the electro magnetic force in us more powerful enough to control the atters in us this comes by constant immaging the electro magnetic force in our body in any colour of your chioce, the more you immage it the more powerful it becomes, the more powerful it become the more it become real. The spirit in us is like the force of the universe and yet retane in one body and live in one soul, it is the same as God.
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Re: object and subject of the world
Post # 2
No offense, I feel you may need to go over a few notes from 'The Basics of Physics'. To begin with everything is made up of matter, yes. Matter, however, is defined as anything which has an atomically measurable mass, so anything from the smallest atom, to the entire universe is considered matter. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, which broken down, get smaller and smaller until you get down to quarks. I didn't really bother reading past the first half of the paragraph, so I just thought you'd like a bit of a tip before you went posting this around the place more.

Also most faiths don't necessarily 'statutorily' recognise a set number of elements. I can tell from research most will recognise a larger number of elements including that of Ether and Spirit.
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