Past life vision?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Past life vision?

Past life vision?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
In my 3 (almost 4) years of practicing magic(k) I have only studied energy manipulation and deity theology, so when this happened I was extremely surprised. I was in a store just walking down the aisles and I froze in place and could see a confederate soldier lying in front of me bleeding out and I looked at my own leg which was bleeding from a bullet wound. I felt the pain, smelled blood, and the world was tinted red. Then it was over, I was back in the store.

Is this a past life vision? And if it is how can I see it or more again?
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Re: Past life vision?
Post # 2
Well now, this seems morbidly interesting.

I get these as well, not nearly as vivid though. Flashes, dreams, but not full on visions. The one thing that distinguishes "past-life visions" are the details. Many people I've worked with have told me that they've seen lives where they're soldiers, or gypsies, many other professions... but not one could describe to me a single detail about the world surrounding them. Nor could they describe the look on people's faces.

When I get my little flashes, I usually draw them out (to the bet of my abilities, since I am no artist). And in the few times I have, I've come across people wearing black silky robes with stitched in characters, nobles wearing purple floral laced pattern shirts, and even myself in younger years.

The problem with these visions is that while I can describe them, I can't confirm anything because I don't know who these people are, or if they even exist.

Did you hear a voice, or did you just see the solider and yourself? What was he wearing? Describe his face if you can.

If it truly is a past-life vision, not once have I ever been able to will them to come around, most times they happen at random. A single motion could trigger a memory at random for me. Then again, small details can lead me to know more about people after I've met them. Things not even they know.
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Re: Past life vision?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
We were laying in one of the trenches the army used. I could hear the gunshots and screaming behind me. I couldn't hear him but he was looking me straight in the eyes when I looked at him. His face was ridden with horror and pain. My clothes were dark blue so I'm pretty sure I was a union soldier but since both sides wore grey and blue I cant tell.
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Re: Past life vision?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
He had brown eyes, stuble on his cheeks, longish brown hair, and he was wincing from his own wound.
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Re: Past life vision?
Post # 5
I think that you were that man in your earlier lifes and I have had that to I dremt about the girl for about 3 years and then I met her etc and now she is in me again
if you are lucky you will see him again
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