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General info
Post # 1
Hello i'm osio i'm a beggnar in magic i've discded to do white magic spells..thn last night i cast a rain spell but it seems like it didn't work how,why? And how do i know that the spell i casted worked?
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Re: General info
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: General info
Post # 3
If it rained every time someone cast a rain spell I hope somebody took the time to build an Ark. That's the reason Mother Nature has her own feed and watering Schedule and thus the reason these spells normally don't work.
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Re: General info
Post # 4
Your intent has to be very strong. Like you live outside and you want it to stop raining and singing rain rain go away come again another day. Or singing to the sun... You are my sunshine my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. Youll never know dear how much i love you. Please dont take my sunshine away.
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Re: General info
Post # 5
If that was your first spell you've ever casted, then there are a few reasons why your spell may not have worked.

Practice, practice, practice! You are probably just inexperienced. You don't just do something once and expect it to work the very first time, practice...

Have you looked into the basics yet? A lot of times knowing your basics is a very important thing when starting with your practices. With weather spells, you need a strong will and mind power, much like when working with elemental magick and any other, for that matter. This can be achieved by meditation, visualization, cleansing your aura and energy. When I first started casting, I was totally oblivious to this very important factor and all my spells usually failed. I was very frustrated and ready to give up on everything. Then, I came on this site and researched why I might have failed, the answer then came clear to me. Thus, I've decided to start all over from the very beginning to step one of everything: meditation. Good luck, and don't ever give up :)

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Re: General info
Post # 6

In my personal opinion, we(witches) can't control the weather. Sometimes someone will cast a rain spell and it will rain, but that is merely coincidence. As Dillon13 said Mother Nature does what She wants. Furthermore I believe that Only the Gods and Goddesses can make it rain :)

As for the "How do I know if it worked?" part. I get this feeling after every spell I cast. If it is tranquil, peaceful feeling I know it worked. If I feel a little odd or I have some doubt, I know I did something wrong and it didn't work. In your heart, you will just know if a spell worked or not :)

I hope this helped and Blessed Be!

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