Golden Dragon

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Golden Dragon
Post # 1
Hello I was wondering if anyone can help me understanding a dream I had many years ago, with a golden dragon that was 6 feet tall, I was flooding into the kitchen trying to get away from it but all it was doing was staring at me with curiosity like some strange creature thank you .
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Re: Golden Dragon
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Golden Dragon
Post # 3
This is interesting. A golden dragon could signify many things, one that jumps out at me is a higher being of some sort. Could be a spirit, or the spirit of a person, either way they don't seem 'out to get you" or anything, so at best it is just watching you. observing how you learn/behave.. Most sensitive people feel some sort of presence following them at one point or another, it is all too normal for us to attract like minds, (so to speak). Have you ever watched an ant farm, or sat and watched a baby learn new things about its surroundings? Same deal here. My guess is, when you are ready, this spirit will become somewhat of a guide to you. Dragons are not to be feared, but respected. You will do well to remember that. Blessed, we.
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Re: Golden Dragon
Post # 4
Hello thank you so much for answering my question, and yes I've always felt a spirit around me ever since I was a child, not to mention seen & hear things/ touch me I try to make since of it but in my heart I knew the truth,& evening heard my name being called(LOUD) And to be honest it saved me life many times over,this golden dragon showed itself to me in my 20ths where I live now there is a spirit little boy with blond hair,and a tall man he just stares at me but the little boy laugh and plays around by pulling my sons blanket, he evening wake me up and said wake up,wake up mommy and then giggle I woke up saw no one there so I got up from bed and check my sons room he was fast asleep well thank you once again :)
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