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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Still doesn't work.

Still doesn't work.
Post # 1
I'm one of those people who have a really intellectual, active mind. I can't tell you how many different astral projection methods I've tried and it still never works. I'm the type of person that can't hold still for the life of me and can't focus on one thing for too long. So the farthest I've ever gone out of my probably hundreds of attempts to astral project was sleep paralysis. I try everything. I meditate first, but nothing calms my brain down enough without me falling asleep or abruptly spazzing out because my body can't stand to be conscious while holding still for that long. It seems impossible for a person like me to astral project, I'm getting crazy desperate. Does anyone know anything that might fix my problem?
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Re: Still doesn't work.
Post # 2
I'm like that too lol. What worked for me was giving it time.. I reduced my sugar intake and focused on niether meditation or astrally projecting myself. Instead I focused on silence.. Every time that annoying little voice in my head brought something stupid up, I would wait for the thought to pass and go back to silence.. Once i felt ready (and had finally got the little voice to be quiet) I was able to astrally project myself. Took me forever (those little thoughts spiralled into an uncontrollable mess of randomly placed thoughts), but eventually I was able to shove them aside quickly and focus my energy elsewhere.

In terms of your body, try relaxing it.. Slowly clenching each muscle and then releasing worked for me

Hope this helps Xx
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Re: Still doesn't work.
Post # 3
Its the same exact problem with me xO i've been at this for years and i have had absolutely no success. I have astral projected twice by accident, but i thought i was being possessed or something, so i fell back into my body, of coarse right after the second time i realized i had astral projected and ever since it hasn't happened again.
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Re: Still doesn't work.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Maybe you can try a trance state to calm your mind. If you gaze at a candle and place it just above your eye level it often helps.
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Re: Still doesn't work.
Post # 5

Best way to calm your mind is through practice. Start out with guided meditation (such as listening to one of Kelly Howell's guided meditaton). These types of meditation will help you find focus and ground yourself. With practice you won't need to listen to someone in order to stay focused.

Once you can sit through guided meditation, you can go to the next phase. Try practicing with your breath. Count how long your inhales & exhales are. Remind yourself to breath. Eventually, your mind will stop counting and become silent.

Last type of practice is finding an object to focus on and silent the mind. Anytime you feel a thought, acknowledge it and say it can wait til later. Then thank yourself and begin focusing again on your selected object.

Other tips

  1. Do meditation when you won't be disturbed for a dedicated amount of time (5minutes for beginners and add additional 5 more minutes as you feel comfortable)
  2. Try different times in the day to find when you are least mentally rambally from stress.
  3. Practice mini visualization when awake (can be anywhere and anytime). Sort of like asking yourself "Am I awake?" But, in this case you will be saying "Am I an astral being?" Think of what you would want to expect when you astral project.

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