Good spells?

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Good spells?
Post # 1
How do I know if spells are good? I recently cast a money spell and then found out that money spells are bad.
I wanted to cast a spell for a wealthy male partner tonight but is that a bad money spell.
I wanted to cast a spell for bringig a friend closer to me. Is that bad because it interferes with free will?
I wanted to cast a spell for my daughter to respect me. Is that bad because it interferes with free will?
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Re: Good spells?
Post # 2
If i were you i would mail the person who told you it was bad to do the money spell and ask them. Everyone here has their own path and just because one person thinks something is bad does not mean the next person will agree. Thus the money spells that exist on the site and people who think it is not a good idea to use them. Mainly all you are going to hear are opinions that may vary because it is against the rules of the site to be argumentative in the forums and on the chat regardless of how passionate someone may be about their personal path. We have to respect others.
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Re: Good spells?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Personally i believe that good and bad are a matter of opinion, and those opinions vary from person to person. So i don't really believein it as an actual thing.

To tell if a spell is bad for you or bad to use, maybe ask yourself how you would feel finding out someone used that kind if spell in you. Money spells are not necessarily bad. You just have to be specific when deciding where you want the money to come from (a rich guy drops some change, win the lottery, etc). Bringing a friend closer spell wouldn't necessarily be bad, it could just make it easier to be happy around, and have fun with, that person. I can't say for sure about your daughter respecting you though. Daughters seem to like disrespecting parents. In some cases they don't know how to express themself and it just comes out wrong. Maybe just sit her down and just talk things through, no yelling. Casting a spell (i don't know if that would be good or bad) may not be effective, she has her own energy already working against you.

As long as your spell is not controlling don't see it as interfering with free will. Like instead of saying "she is going to spend more time with me" it could say "bring her more opportunities to spend time with me." That way its a little bit of a help, but she can still choose. Did that help?
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