hello, advice needed!!

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hello, advice needed!!
Post # 1
Hello all, im new to all this, so please bare with me.

Basically im a t a point in life where i feel as tough i have been jinxed.

Despite owning 4 very lucrative bussinesses i have failed to earn a penny in the last 14 weeks. Unexplainable!!!!!

My lady love of 9 years who was totally devoted to me has decided that she needs to end the relationship due to parentail pressures.

Everythingi touch at the moment becomes bad??

Im in a dilema, do i need a spell?, or will a talisman sort this ou?. It really is becoming a major issue in my life right now.

Please advise.
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Re: hello, advice needed!!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: hello, advice needed!!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Um...just a feeling. Check the books to make sure numbers are correct. While reading this I got a not so funny feeling. No money earned AND your lady leaving is just, I don't know. A Ribbon Affirmation for money might help. Its a braiding of ribbons to hang where you will see it, to remind you that circustances will change so money will return. Hope this helps. Nothing wrong with a good luck spell, and protection is good too. BB
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Re: hello, advice needed!!
Post # 4
Hi, thanks for that. Whta is a ribbon affirmation?

IS tehre something i can put into my office that would attract bussiness.

The strange thing is 12 months ago i had 3500 cleints on my book. !2 moths later im strugling with 200 and even they are droping every week, just dont make sense.

My lady love spent 9 long years with me, she ended teh relationship. She still maintains taht she loves me dearly, however is unable to be with me. This is a girl that would have given a limb for me previously.

WHats the best good luck charm to keep on my person?

Whats the best thing to keep in my office where all my bussiness are based to attract more custom. Im not after any lottery numbers, im a worker and always have been, just annoys me that i dont get paid for what i do anymore.
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