Poker Spell??

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Poker Spell??
Post # 1
Hello there,

Does anyone know a spell that will make me win on poker?
I play a lot of poker online and live but in the end it seems
that the cards are running always my opponent's way...
I've been playing poker for like 5 years,used to be a winning
player but the last 2 years something changed in my luck a cloud appeared over my head and when the river card comes on big pots its always for the benefit of my opponent...i think someone may cursed me or i dont know what happened but people was much jealous of me can someone help me?

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Re: Poker Spell??
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Life is like a huge circle and sometimes your on top meaning things go great. Then you hit bottom meaning things do not go so great. It's just life so I suggest either live with that or maybe stop playing some on-line game for real money. Magick is not always the answer to everything. Now that being said check out the sites spell book there are lots of spells there.
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Re: Poker Spell??
Post # 3
I laugh so hard when I read the post...

When it comes to gambling, luck won't be always with you. If you hit rock bottom, that should be the time to hang on to your money, and give up on the hand...

There is a way though, counting cards.
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Re: Poker Spell??
Post # 4
Thanks for your replies much apreciated,Life is a bitch i wish i knew if you can control fate...But some people seem to run extremly lucky,i envy those though i shouldn't but i'm just human after all...I think no magick spell can help me be a better and winning poker player,only me can help my self but i have to be a better human being first by all meanings in oreder to achive that.I've been around a lot on the poker scene and once was at the Top now i hit rock bottom i hope i'll be back at the Top again...Wish the best for all of you and as you say we may be Blessed!
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