spiritual gift

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spiritual gift
Post # 1
my name is ashlee and i have a spiritual connection with dead spirits. some good and some bad. some are family and loved ones. but there has been one spirit clingy to me. he doesn't do much harm but i don't know what to do. he had an altercation with his girlfriend, the love of his life. she was still in love with her ex and over time went back to him. he was heartbroken. don't know for sure but he might of killed her and the ex. i'm kind of in the same scenario however i haven't left my current love for my ex and i don't know if i plan to. i found the place where it all happened and knew all that happened. he tried breaking me and my current up and if not that he tried getting rid of my ex because we are still good friends. that's the only harm ive seen from him. he did protect me from some evil spirits and has clinged to me because i assume i remind him of his girlfriend. but at times he takes over my body and still tries breaking me and my boyfriend up. i'm worried my life may possibly be at risk so we can be together what should id do?
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Re: spiritual gift
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: spiritual gift
Post # 3

You possibly remind him of his previous girlfriend.

Either that or he wants you to prevent you from doing the same mistake that his girlfriend did. I might not give out the best advice, but this is what I would do.

I would clear my space. Cleanse it. If he's causing trouble, and you think you're at risk, then try your hardest to remove him out of your house.

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Re: spiritual gift
Post # 4
well my advice is that if he tries to poses you just don't let him it should be easy for most magic users or at least for magic users lick me (i dont mean aswom at magic, i mean stubborn ones hahaha) but seriously if you can keep mental dominance when he possesses you he's powerless, oh and for a person with a connection with spirits thats weary important ofcorse unless u feel lick a homasidle maniac possessing you going shotgun in downtown and waiking up right after the judge gives you a nice konfy sell as a worst case scenario
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Re: spiritual gift
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Wear a protection amulet to prevent it going into your body. I had to do a thorough cleansing, and charge an amulet. So far, so good. And the good spirits will come back if that's what you want. My place is spirit friendly, as long as rules are followed. Simply leave my body to me, and respect my sleep needs. Its fine now. Just a few thoughts for you. Blessed Be...
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