I think they work but...

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I think they work but...
Post # 1
I have read up about the different things that need be done to cast a successful spell, and am working on getting better when it comes to certain things. In the meantime, I have been practicing a few simple spells and I'm not sure which spells have really worked and what I've just "imagined" to have worked because I have such a strong belief that the spells will work. For instance, I've done a spell for forgiveness,and three days later I saw major success in my situation so I thought the spell worked but then two weeks later I learned that this person completely lied about his forgiveness and my situation became worse. Also, I've done a spell to get my lover to call me and he did within 5 minutes the first time I tried the spell but now a month later, I've tried doing the same spell and have practiced harder to make it work yet it's not working and it's making me doubt that the spell worked the first time around and that it was simply chance that he called me at that time.

I've been interested in magic/witchcraft/astrology since I was a child and I don't want to get discouraged and give up but I'm not sure how much time/effort/money I should put into my latest hobby if it's not really working for me.

Am I not meant to get what I am asking for? Do you ever feel like your spells don't really work even though things happen to make you feel as if the spell caused certain things to happen?
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Re: I think they work but...
Post # 2
I think of spells as like prayers. I write spells. And you are using energy (to connect with nature, gods/ Goddess'). So like in Christianity not all prayers are answered the way we expect them. So in Wicca. It's better to think quality vs. quantity. in spell casting. It might have worked once. But maybe too much of a good thing is not so good. If that makes sense. Keep the faith in magick. The answer may come in a dream, thought, or conversations with others. You might be surprised with the outcome you get with your spells. Good Luck, and Blessed Be!
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Re: I think they work but...
Post # 3
Thank you for your reply! You made me feel better and more hopeful when it comes to magic. I completely agree with you that not all prayers are answered the way that we expect them to be, and maybe my magic isn't working for certain situations because these are things that I really do not or should not have in my life, like my ex. I believe that my magic did help bring me something that I do need which is a new job...I have been actively looking because my current job is not stable. I've been using magic to help me, along with hard work (applying to jobs daily, updating my resume for hours, multiple failed job interviews) and I just got offered a job the other day which fits the description of the type of job I need in my career at this moment in my life. :)
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Re: I think they work but...
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Yay! New job? Yes magick works. But I, too, know that they may come in unexpected ways. You are ok. Keep up the practice! Blessings!
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Re: I think they work but...
Post # 5
That's good news I'm glad that I could help.
Blessed Be!
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Re: I think they work but
Post # 6
You can do a chakra exercise with your magical workings for a noticeable enhancement but remember to close them and ground and get rid of excess energy whem you are done.
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