I need some help.

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I need some help.
Post # 1
Hey there everyone. How can I put it?... I have a friend, and he's insisting that he has a djinn inside him by his own will and the djinn is telling him anything to help him on whatever he wants. Well, I'm kinda confused about that. Any advice?
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Re: I need some help.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
gonna go out on a limb here and say your friend is lying to you. i had a friend in high school who claimed a demon was inside her and she used it to curse people. while there could be something helping him with answers, it's most likely his intuition, or a spirit guide, perhaps even an energy form. [something he created himself] i've heard of people claiming to have deities, demons, spirits, or djinn inside them, but i've never met anyone who was telling the truth.

if your friend is telling the truth, your friend probably gave the djinn permission to dwell within him in exchange for knowledge. people make deals with higher beings [demons/spirits/deities] like this. typically there's an exchange of some sort, normally the human gains power, while the being feeds off the humans energy. while you shouldn't do this as certain beings are tricky and can drain you, deals like this do happen.

i would just ignore his claims until solid proof is provided.
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Re: I need some help.
Post # 3
a human can't contane that much power as a djinn mainly because there folklore nothing more even know there are some creatures that can grant wishes but seriously if someone thinks they have a gin inside and they have a serius mental disorder i know because a coworker of my mos had somthing simular so if he's not puling your leag call the crazy hose and they will take him away forewor... lick that coworker, but seriously foor people with that sicknes its dangerus to that persons health and the peoples around them (there are 2 wariants just insane or a brain sickness that can be leofle)
p.s. sorry for my spelling
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