Help wanted please )0(

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Help wanted please )0(
Post # 1
Hello everyone :) I have been practicing Wicca actively for 3 months now, And I have made the decision to tell my parents... But I am not sure how to tell them. Everyone says that you know your parents so you know what will work, but that's not entirely true to me. My parents do not have a religion, nor do they worship a god or goddess. Also, Neither of them were christened, so I do not know what they will be okay with, and what they will think. My mum has been suspicious as of late. She has accused me of working Black Magick in my room... I'm looking for a way that might help her understand when I tell her. Thank you for your support.

Blessed be! )0(
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Re: Help wanted please )0(
Post # 2

I believe the best thing to do is slowly go into it. Bring the subject of magick up, then Wicca, then that you practice it. Also explain that although you practice it, you do not practice dark magick. Black magick doesn't necessarily mean that it is evil. Try to gently ease into it and if they still don't like what they hear then I am afraid that they may never understand.

There are many religions, in all religions there are good and evil people. Priests of cathlic churches have been know to do harm to children and teens. In all religions they speak of types of magick, some different from others. Monks believe through meditation they can connect with their beloved deities. So just because our religion is Wicca and we have a different way of worship doesn't mean we are evil and go about harming others. Wicca is a religion that uses nature and Two deities and much more for worship, that only makes us different, not evil. Yes, just like all religions there can be someone of evil doing. That does not mean we all are like that.

That is my response my dear friend, I wish you the best of luck.

~Sacred Crow
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Re: Help wanted please )0(
Post # 3
Thank you so much :) Your advice has helped me alot. I am very grateful.

Blessed be! )0(
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