Here's a bit about me.

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Here's a bit about me.
Post # 1
Hey there~! My name is Olivia! Here's a bit of my story on how I became Wiccan.
I was being raised in a catholic house hold when one day, I realized I wasn't very fond of the catholic religion. So, I stopped going to church and I stopped practicing the religion entirely. I remained atheist for about half a year, then I decided that I wanted to believe in something. Christianity didn't do me any good, so I jumped into the wondrous pit of spiritual practice. Earlier this year, I first encountered Laveyan Satanism. I tried it out for awhile then concluded that It wasn't really my thing. I researched a bit on Buddhism and the different types of Satanism when I came across theistic satanism. I liked the idea of summoning demons to help me through life for some stupid reason. I tried to keep the religion to myself, except only to my closest friends. When a certain friend of mine found my binder with demonic sigils and information of the demons, he shook his head disappointingly and pointed out that theistic satanism wasn't for me. He then told me I should try paganism or Wicca which is much more safer and less demonic. He gave me the link to this website and told me to do some research; as I did more and more research, I found that this is much safer. If I hadn't listened to him, my life would be in shambles. I'm having a wondrous time on my journey, even though I just started. And I hope to accomplish many great things!

More things about me-
I consider Thor my personal deity
I'm 16
I'm a junior high schooler
I am pansexual
I like to write fanfiction and draw cartoon ponies in my spare time.
And I have no life :D
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Re: Here's a bit about me.
Post # 2
welcome to som and Goodlord demons and satanism is never good. I have studied the different types of satanism also, but just found it to be a selfish and greedy religion I wouldn't want to be apart of and plus you don't need demons in life to futher yourself, itll back fire on you. I'm glad your friend directed you here, I hope you enjoy yourself.

blessed be
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Re: Here's a bit about me.
Post # 3
Hello! :3 Welcome to SoM! It's great to hear you got your life back on track. It blows my mind people think they can control or gain from something so mischievous and witted. I think you will love this site. A lot of the younger users are fluffy and role players, but once you find those people who are just as into as you are you can make great friends! Good luck on your journey. ~Blessed be
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Re: Here's a bit about me.
Post # 4

Hi Olivia!! My name is Alethea :)

I'm glad you found your path!! I hope you have an awesome time on this website, there's so many good people to talk to and so much information to learn about ^_^

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be! ^.^

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Re: Here's a bit about me.
Post # 5

It is nice to hear you chose this path instead of the demonic route. I hope you enjoy this beautiful religion and craft. Just be sure not to do no harm with it. Thor is a good god, have you thought of possibly using a goddess as well? In Wicca, there usually are two deities. The mother and the god, maybe you can research some more of it.

You're on a good start so far, I would love to hear how you do later on after you have practiced a little more. Remember that there is always room for more knowledge.

~Sacred Crow
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Re: Here's a bit about me.
Post # 6
Oh! Everyones so nice on here :D
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