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Post # 1
Anyway some weeks ago I kinda attempted to call out to Athena(not with candles or the common way just pure thought and true intention) well that same nite I remember a lady tellin me good nite but that's not what bring me back here well these pass few nites I've still bein tryin to communicate with the higher beings(from just thought callin out openly)anyway when I wake up in the morning one of my socks would be off lol(happened like 3 time nows and I can't easily take my sock off myself so....) I just want to know am i crazy(highly doubt it) can they touch me, is there anything else i can do, or is something else idk anyone please??? thnx
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Re: Help
Post # 2
I dont know but in my perspective, Athena/s are spirits which they cannot physically touch you. I dont know about your socks problem but your hand might be the one who took it off.
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Re: Help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
strong spirits have been known to move things. [trust me, the spirit i live with just hid my favourite pair of earrings for a week, then they appeared on my dresser sitting on my phone you get use to it.] i'm not sure about deities though, but they should be able to do so.

in regards to your socks, i wouldn't go so far as to say Athena's messing with them at night. in the past when i've worn socks in bed they come off either because i toss and turn, or they bug me and i kick them off. i've woken up some mornings wearing only one, it's probably just falling off as your move in your bed at night. coupled with you calling to a higher being, you're jumping to the conclusion it's them. i would look for more evidence. while i don't work with Athena, you might notice things like a scent [if she favours a certain type] other objects she favours have gone missing, sounds like the woman wishing you goodnight. normally though deities will visit when called upon and leave when the circle is done. you should say goodbye to them, i have heard of certain deities that can linger to teach a lesson. as i said, i haven't studies Athena, so i don't know i she's the type to plays tricks [like Loki] or attack those who called upon her for no good reason. [Lilith]
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