[Need Help] Confess to me

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[Need Help] Confess to me
Post # 1
Hello everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful day/night.

If you have time, I would like to ask you for a spell, a love one in fact, but a very non-controlling one.

I do not ask for someone to fall in love with me, no, I am just confused by all the signs.

I am a male. The person I love is also a male. The ones who share this will know how hair-dropping it is to not know what they think-feel. No matter how many signs they give. Maybe they are just afraid to come out because of internalized homophobia. I do not know, I do not care.

What I ask is a simple spell to make above hear my plead. If he does feels something towards me, I want this spell to make it so that he shows it in such way that won't leave me confused, but truly know it.

But if there is nothing, I don't want this spell to do something.

Thank you and I hope you can help me.

Blessed be.
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Re: [Need Help] Confess to me
By: / Novice
Post # 2
sorry to hear that, your situation really sucks. while i'm straight, i've had to deal with caring for someone who i couldn't get a read on. i don't know of a spell though that would make him ask you out only if he's got feelings for you. i would go with a divination to help you.

above is a very useful candle divination, be sure to meditate and clear your mind of all other thoughts becide that person. visualize him, then ask [to yourself or aloud] "does (name) have feelings for me?" then gaze at the candle flame. after a few minutes you should see the flame change to some degree. it might start out strong then grow small, grow tall, or flicker for a moment then return to it's normal size. the way the flame acts should determine if this person cares for you or not. keep in mind the flame can be effected by external elements so be sure there's no open windows or fans going when you do this divination.
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Re: [Need Help] Confess to me
Post # 3
well in this case the best thing you can do is just say you love him and hope he feels the same. im into a guy to and can't tell if he really likes me but im to shy to ask so please don't make my mistake.
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Re: [Need Help] Confess to me
Post # 4
Spell or not, both posts are very helpful. Thank you so much for the help that you have gave me, I am really, really grateful.

If anyone else still have ideas, I will be very glad to hear them, blessed be.
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Re: [Need Help] Confess to me
Post # 5
I am in the same situation also. The guy I like is giving me mixed signals. If you need a spell I would write one yourself because only you know exactly what you want to happen and you can put your true thoughts and feelings behind it.

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Re: [Need Help] Confess to me
Post # 6
Would you might have any guidance on what I can use for such spell? I know you can just use pink and roses and all that for a love spell, but for a confess or attraction one, I am at lost.
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