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This Is Me
Post # 1
My name is Sarrasi Rasinco. That is not the name I was born with but the name I chose when I was 16.

I was born in a christian family (born and raised baptist and had to spend my life hiding who I really was). I have seen ghosts, demons, angels, and spirits. But forced to pretend I didn't and in time suppressed a good amount of my talent.

The one thing that I was allowed to show (because they said it was "God Given") was the ability to predict the future through dreams. I would have conversations in dreams that would later happen in the waking world. Been to places that I had visited in my dreams (where I had never been before but knew where everything was in a friend's house).

Over the last few years I have been delving into my talents again. When I entered into the house where my boyfriend is it was like all of the powers I had before that I suppressed came back. I started seeing ghosts of people long dead in places they haunted. Dreams came back in full force. And I started having a lot of empathy.

Last year I got my first Tarot Card Deck (given to me as a birthday present) and realized that I could foretell the future with them. A GREAT example is this: I did a general reading on my friend about how she had a friend that often backstabs her and pretends to be her best friend. The person I was talking about called her within twenty seconds of the reading.

My empathy has come back in spades and I found that out when I sent the full force of my emotions onto someone that said that I could not possibly feel everything I did. She went home with a mental breakdown that was unexplainable.

My element is quite likely Fire. But I think by extension I am attuned to Lightning. The reason I think this is because during a lightning storm I pointed somewhere and lightning flashed on that spot. I also have recharged batteries with the extra energy within me. I also get shocked (A LOT) by static electricity. Which led to my mother saying that I shuffled my feet too much.

Anyway, that is me.
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Re: This Is Me
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Welcome to SoM.

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Re: This Is Me
Post # 3
Welcome :)
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