I don't care spell help

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I don't care spell help
Post # 1
Hello, I am making my own spell and it is called a ?I don't care? spell and I need help.

Goal: to not care so much about something or not care in general.
Reason: I want to make this spell because I care waaaaaaaay to much about what others think to the point it hurts me and makes me revolve my life around others in a unhealthy way.

I already have the words to the spell now I just need things to kick the power up like candle colors, herbs, stones and what not. The colors I have found for the candle that I think would work is

grey for neutrality
purple for independence
and black for control, resilience, and discipline.

I can't find any stones that would help and I don't know much about herbs to choose one

Can anyone help or give advise?
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Re: I don't care spell he
Post # 2
Have you tried practicing shielding? It worked for me.
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Re: I don't care spell help
Post # 3
I second Barbi's suggestion of practicing shielding techniques. You could be experiencing empathic abilities... feeling others emotions on a deeper level than most and it's making you care too much about everyone. Shielding is one of the best ways to combat this.

If you're set on making your own spell, a couple herb suggestions I have are salt and sage. Both will help purify your current emotions.
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Re: I don't care spell help
Post # 4
Thanks, I'm new so shelding didn't even come to mind. I will defiantly try that. I may make the spell just for fun later. Thank you again for quick help :3 I will still except help on this spell.
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Re: I don't care spell he
Post # 5
I agree with korps on the salt and sage too. I am working with those as well as bathing in uncrossing oil for 9 days. I also know that if i am not practicing enough or too much or not relying on myself enough or am not trying enough new things on here i get out of balance. Meditation and a chakra excercise can help with that. I hope this was helpful.
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