Reading please?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Reading please?

Reading please?
Post # 1
Hello! I have a ton of questions and I always get different answers every time I ask them. I'm happy with anyone doing a reading of these questions but I do prefer people with at least a little experience with this. With that said, my questions are thus:
What is my purpose?
Who am I?
Am I meant to be Wiccan?
Where should I go from where I am now?
What signs should I look for in my soul mate?
Where is my soul mate now (I'm curious)?

You don't have to answer all questions but it's definitely preferable. Blessed be!
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Re: Reading please?
Post # 2
Hello merry meet. Inbox me and I will be glad to help you get some answers. Brightest blessings
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Re: Reading please?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Only you can answer those questions. I believe you make your own destiny. probably no one can answer them for you. Especially the last one. You know who you are and what you like and what you do. I believe that you create your purpose through the choices that you decide to make and what you work towards, or the other way around is possible also. Your purpose will lead you to make the decisions that you do. This includes/can be affected by your religion. If you think that Wicca makes sense and you believe in its teachings, than you are probably "meant" to be wiccan. The signs you should look for in your soulmate depend in what you want in your lover. Kindness, respect, sense of humor, sense of responsibility, etc. All of that depends on you really.
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Re: Reading please?
Post # 4
Everything in his statement is true. That being said that doesn't mean a reading can't give answers. After all in my opinion tarot doesn't predict the future but instead shine a light on an individual own path and it is up to them to recognize it. As the reader we just give some helpful guidance. If it were as simple as just knowing our own path just like that it would be a fantastic world. Ultimately each must recognize what it is that we must walk to
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