Revenge Spell for Justice

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Revenge Spell for Justice
Post # 1
Can you please tell me about any experiences that you have had dealing with curses/hexes/revenge spells? Did they work? Did they get out of hand? Do you regret it or did you feel that justice was served? What spell did you use that worked for you?

I know that many of you will tell me to not get involved with those types of spells but I am seeking to get justice for what has been done to my life by my ex-fiance?s father. He has done a lot of bad things to me and my family and his son, and I just want him to get what he deserves. I have tried so hard to pray for things to get better and I?ve tried creating a honey jar and other good spells for him, but this man just keeps ruining my life and I feel like this is my only way to get justice. I?ve tried calling the authorities on him and have had several people in my family try talking to the man rationally but he is very irrational and stubborn. I don?t feel like karma will catch up quickly enough for all the damage that he has done to me and my family and his own family.

I know about the threefold rule and am considering getting a professional to help me with a revenge spell because she claims that anything negative would come her way not mine and it would not affect her because she is protected. I?m not too sure what to think of that, but I think it?s best if I didn?t try doing the curse on my own considering I?m still new to this.
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Re: Revenge Spell for Jus
Post # 2
Justice is not a curse. Especialy if your intent is with harm to none. Ma'at is the godess of justice. But be careful not to judge. I am sorry you are hurting.
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Re: Revenge Spell for Justice
Post # 3
All of the karma sent out in the world is formed by your projections. It doesn't matter if you do the spell or not, if you want it to happen then you will receive the effects regardless. In terms of things such as this, I recommend not going to a "professional" so to speak, as the entirety of your situation can be decided by your will. Do you want this to happen, are you confident in your stance in the issue?

If so, perhaps you should look into a karma boost spell of some sort. Using your bases of grounding and centering, get yourself into a strong metaphysical state before manipulating any sort of magick on this level-though still low magick, it can still have a significant effect upon you.

That being said, spend some time in contemplation to determine what sort of spell you believe to be the most "correct" for the situation- there are plenty of spells on this website, would you think something involving a candle light ritual would be more effective, or relying more upon energy work and thoughtforms to reach your end?

I have had some significant experience in dealing with things such as this, but if your issue is on a more mundane level than such magickal topics as the above ramblings, then i recommend you work to cause change on that level along with any spiritual support you may enact.

For extended results which will tend to affect the "feelings" of karma, I recommend a candle magick ritual from the spells section.

For more intense, immediate results (which may have a more intense, immediate effect upon you if you are at fault), I recommend creating a thought form whose purpose is to convert parts of the offender's aura into purely positive energy.
Like in chemistry, if you have an element and you are able to change the attractions of the atoms, a negatively charged substance can be positive again at a base level-something he wouldn't be able to understand.
So use this sort of visualization while forming the thoughtform, then send it on its way. I recommend using a crystal or rock as an energy anchor for your thoughtform, just remember to pour some of your energy into it and continuously cleanse it of impurities for the best results.
This working will have an effect of changing his "vibes," so to speak. He will find less and less energy devoted to the complex of anger and hatred he is extending on you, and more of a conflict within himself of "what am I doing," "this is wrong," etc.
So go out there and make this man wage war on himself!
Blessed be and good luck,
Xavheron Cendrassil
16 yuletides
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Re: Revenge Spell for Justice
Post # 4
well i was having a huge problem with my roommate I'm not going to go into it too long of a story but i did a vinegar jar and a puppet/voodoo doll or what ever you prefer to call it and they work perfectly everything she did to me happen to her but i don't believe in the 3 x law/ rule so its going to be up to you to decide what to do
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Re: Revenge Spell for Justice
Post # 5
Thank you all for your advice. I have decided against using the professional and will try out a few things myself. I will look into a candle spell that is appropriate for my situation and I will consider creating a vinegar jar or poppet for the individual.
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Re: Revenge Spell for Justice
Post # 6
This is just my opinion but if i were you i wouldnt do a voodoo doll or poppet unless that is the path you are commited to. hoodoo charm and jar spells are one thing. at any rate if you do decide to do it then you need to cast a circle first for protection. if you do not know how to do that you can look it up in the searchbar. but i can tell you from experience that if you want to feel better then your will toward him needs to change. i can tell you are a good person or you wouldnt care so much about the right thing. ~blessed be~
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Re: Revenge Spell for Justice
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
There's a simular problem in my life. It's called throwing good money after bad. Some people are pathological, have a mental illness no one wants to look at for what it is. Spells, meds, doctors have a hard time controlling these people. Spells for Protection by Silver Ravenwolf has been very helpful to me. Even little stuff works. Or just get out of way if you can. Be a moving target. Or try to look into this guy's mind and see what the motive is. There often is none. You are as good as the next guy. It's a sickness.
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Re: Revenge Spell for Justice
Post # 8
Thanks Barbi for the advice especially about casting a circle. I'll stay away from the voodoo doll and will stick to something more along the lines of a karma or bad luck spell. I'm waiting till the full moon for the best results.

MoonWina13, you're right, some people are just sick in the head and do evil things because they are mentally not all there, but this man has stolen the love of my life from me and completely ruined my future so he deserves what is coming to him.
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