Spirit or not?

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Spirit or not?
Post # 1
OK so I was meditating, like I usually do before sleep. Then this very loud voice said MOVE OUT. That was it, no more. Now we've been here for six months. We know the place is haunted by several spirits as well as in the middle of some supernatural highway where wandering spirits just kind of float through. However, I don't know whether this was one of the no so nice spirits here just wanting to cause problems, or a hit over the head by one of my spirit guides telling so to move. Seems like the business we moved in here for is not going any where and that just isn't the usual thing. Any ideas?
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Re: Spirit or not?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Try smudging then bless your place. I would then hand Basil Leafs in every corner. That helps to block any more spirits from entering and the smudging and blessing should help get rid the ones that are there.
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Re: Spirit or not?
Post # 3
You would not believe the work we have done trying to clean this place. Smudging, basil around the entrances, cleansings, cleansings and more cleansings. We even had a friend of a friend come in and try and expel the dark spirit. Although it can no longer enter the house it won't leave the property. Two of the spirits are linked and can't get rid of the one without the other and the other has a link to a live human now. It's sooo complicated. But my question is was it the bad guy invading my meditation? I've never had that happen before. Or just a spirit guide hitting me over the head to get my attention? Any idea/
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Re: Spirit or not?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
He may have been trying to communicate with you. I have had them come to me while meditating it was the only way they could talk to me unless I was sleeping. You say there are two of them they may be wanting help to cross over.
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