Book of Shadows Tradition

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Book of Shadows Tradition
Post # 1
I recently came across an old journal hand written by my Great Grandmother. As I've come to understand it this was her notebook of the traditions my family has been practicing for nearly a century if not longer at the time her journal was dated, being the year 1904. Altogether the practices are about 200 years old by now. I myself have a small magical journal/spellbook, but I would hardly call it a Book of Shadows. To me a Book of Shadows is a large book, filled with knowledge and information. Not a 100 page journal bought in a store. After thinking long and hard about what I was going to do with my Great Grandmothers journal i was really only left with one option. The notebook she used was not very well made and was falling apart at the seems. I've already copied all the information into my journal (it was mostly just traditions and how to perform spells int he traditional manner) and it's a good thing as two days after I did this the book fell apart completely and I lost multiple pages.

Now, as of recently I've decided to purchase a custom made, hand bound, BIG Book of Shadows from If you are interested in getting a large style ancient looking tome I would highly recommend you check them out. Here's what I've decided to do with this book though. I know this information needs to be passed down through my family. It's not something I'm willing to let die out, that goes without saying. However what I am wanting to do is make this book appear to be as old as the information it will contain, perhaps even dating it back to the 1700's. While this date would be a lie, the information contained obviously would be this old. This would also allow my descendants to see how our practice has not only grown, but how long it has survived.

I'm writing this post because I want to know what others think of it. It's not going to change my decision because believe me I think this is going to be amazing. But how would you feel if you were handed a book which, to your knowledge, was over 200 years old and contained information even older? How would you feel to know you truly came from a line of witches who have kept this knowledge safe for generations? As stated before while the actual date on the book wouldn't be completely true all the information contained would be nothing but truthful of the time.

I'm not necessarily going to be putting this date to say this is when the book was started, keep that in mind. I'm putting the date as given in my Great Grandmother's journal. Let me know what you think of this!
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Re: Book of Shadows Tradition
Post # 2
I am especially attentive at how your great grandmothers book seemingly fell apart after you copied the information out of it! That in itself gives it an magickal feel. However not to rain in on your parade but just because the information may have dated back 200 years does not mean that the book is technically that old. That being said by tradition a students book of shadows is usually copied from the BOS of the individual or coven that is teaching/training them. Your information should be treasured with out a doubt! But consider that since the book and its info now have fallen to you perhaps more secure methods should be used to preserve the info. Some people have their BOS on a flash drive to keep it safe. You could also take the remaining pieces of the book you have to be dated by a trained professional! Might shed more info in the subject!
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Re: Book of Shadows Tradition
Post # 3
Oh God her book wasn't that old at all. No it was just your regular run of the mill journal. She thankfully felt the need to write the information down though. As far as it falling apart I took that as a pretty intense sign that I was doing the right thing. However In regards to the idea of a the book on a flash drive that's not really something I'd be interested in. There's something about having a 15 pound ancient looking tome in your hands and reading the information that brings magic to it.
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