How much is too much??

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Forums -> General Info -> How much is too much??

How much is too much??
Post # 1
I am much too emotional about this issue and even after much though and contemplation I am still tempted to go at my issue hard and lay a hard smack-down and weave several spells at once.

Perhaps some background would help... us three friends have a great relationship, however disructive four has arrived and is tearing our group apart. She flirts, manipulates, seduces...succubus in skin...and two of us are done with it. HE doesn't know how to let her go gently because she has convinced him she is emotionally unstable and needs him. WE (another and myself) see through her and see what she is doing.

I completely believe in the Threefold Law and I normally use reflective spells but they don't seem to be working in this case. I want to throw the book at her and lay a couple more down.

So how much is too much?? Would you lay two or three binding spells and a break up a couple spell and then a move away spell and then something to get rid of the jealousy and frustration she's stirred up?? Cause thats what I feel like doing. Advice would be a blessing and apologies if this is posted to the wrong catagory of Forum...this site is huge!
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Re: How much is too much??
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

Keep it simple and try a banishing. Remember that magic takes time and this is not going to happen overnight. You will also want to place protection against their return about the three of you as well.

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Re: How much is too much??
Post # 3
I knew a lady with alleged mental issues before. It was different as there were children involved that were being hurt, but she was pretending to be ill (which I believe anyone that does things like that is really ill) Anyway, long story short, I cast back everything she did to her victims back on her and that she would feel all they felt times 3. For some reason, not even her guardian or what ever it was stopped me. The children have been living with someone else for over 6 months now and this time child service is not allowing her to have the kids back full time. (there were 8 other times they let her have them back).
I also accidentally informed the right person of something stupid she was doing and tipped her for the spell.
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