Dream Interpretation?!

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Dream Interpretation?!

Dream Interpretation?!
Post # 1
Okay, lastnight i had a dream that i was at some type of festival. There was very vague music, a bunch of light and it was night time. Not really cold. But chilly enough for a sweater. There was a lady,i saw. I think she was following me. Or maybe she sensed something from me. Im not sure, still creepy. She was around the same height as me (5'8") she had short curly hair of ethnic texture. Carmel brown skin and hazel eyes. She wore lots of jewelry. And wore this long brown sweater.. it seemed like every other time i glanced up.. she was there. Walking by, or throwing weird looks my way. Anyways, i went to one vendor that had a large variety of owl jewelry to choose from. I took my time looking through it all. I glqnced up once more, and there the lady was. Standing a few feet from me. At the same vendors booth. She was looking at crystals. There were a larger variety of those lol. I tried to stop being nosey. But i couldnt pull my eyes away. She called the vendor over, they started talking.. then they leaned in closer to whisper. Im not sure what was said. But after, the lady went around the booth. Off the the side where it was private.. but from where i was standing. I had a perfect view. She took something similar to a golf tee out. (It was way bigger, about 6" and rounded on the end, pointed on the other.) The rounded end was red, the stem was white, and the pointed end was green. She put the opject in the vendors hand and started to chant something. Im not sure what. All i kniw is i heard her say a name... hecate. She took the object out the vendors hand and pushed it through the spaces of the mans fingers. Then put it back in his hand. Said another chant. Afterwards, the vendor took the object. And drew blood from his index finger. And it was over. Like nothing happened. She came back around ready to leave. But i stopped her and told her i saw what she did. And told her i was interested... also, i asked her to put a protection spell on a owl necklace i had bought from the stand. She agreed. But i cant remember her actually doing the spell. Even though she said she did. Anyways, after she agreed... she just disappeared. I ran to look for her, maybe something happened.. but i saw her out in the parking lot. She had a baby in her arms. She said to go home. And she would be waiting for me once i arrived. Then... i woqk up.
What does this mean?
Sorry that was extremely long...
But i cant figure it out!
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