How do I make a spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> How do I make a spell

How do I make a spell
Post # 1
I wanna know OaO
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Re: How do I make a spell
Post # 2

Well that is the question a lot of people have. I think you should read more inside each forum. Search up on the "SoM google search bar" and type in "How to make a spell" I think you will find a lot of things.

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Re: How do I make a spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I know that many here write their own spells which is wonderful. But I also know that many of you are just starting out and may have no experience in how to create a spell for a specific purpose you might have. I found some great websites that I think you'll find helpful in learning how to create spells for your own specific purpose that are likely to work for you.

Some of these are very Wiccan or Pagan in viewpoint so if that doesn't work for you we can talk about how you could change the spell to fit your spiritual viewpoint.

I would also highly recommend the book "Spells and How They Work" by Janet and Stewart Farrar for anyone who plans to be doing spellwork.

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Re: How do I make a spell
Post # 4
These are the brief explanation of things that you need to know while writing a spell:
INTENT: your intent is to focus on your desired outcome, before writing or casting your spell meditate to focus
LUNAR PHASE: correspond to magicakal asspect to strenghten your spell...
DAY: same as lunar phase
SYMOBOLIC: u may use some symbols to strengthen ur focus.. Ex- if ur making herbal sachet for protection u can draw an symbol of shield on it
HERBS: herbs like sage, basil, bay leaf etc, contain magical ability and they can be used to strenghtn ur spell.. Ex- basil can be used for purfication, protection etc
CANDLE COLOUR: the colour of candle can be choosen according to the spell u wish to cast, white can be used in case u dont the corresponding candle
CHANT: any phase or word u feel sensable can used by writting a spell.
Most of the spell end with so mote it be or, In the name of god & goddess etc...

Its not required that you include everything mentioned above while writting ur spell... But it would help if you can...

believe in yourself & on your spell to make it come true....
And never do spells that can harm others because it will backfire on you...

Keep a track on the success & failure of your spell...~Marq~
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Re: How do I make a spell
Post # 5
*magical aspect
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Re: How do I make a spell
Post # 6
One way I write spells is:

1. Determine the spells goal
2. Determine the element involved
3. Determine materials to be used based on the element
4. Determine the best time (if any) to perform the spell
5. Compose the rhyme or words of power (clearly state what you need and all dimensions of what you need. For example instead of just 'love' 'enduring love'. Possibly mention some of the tools your using, and though rhyming isn't necessary it helps the words flow)
6. Draft the spell in writing
7. Finalize the spell
8. Gather the tools
9. Preform the spell
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