coven members spells

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coven members spells
Post # 1
you cant shut down everything and not let the coven members use the coven spells its not right we need access to them to

Re: coven members spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: coven members spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Certainly the covens can limit access to spells in their spellbooks. That's their perogative to do. If you want access to their spellbook then you need to join that particular coven and you will have it.

Simply stomping your feet and saying "It's not fair!" sounds rather like a temper tantrum from a 2 year old.

Re: coven members spells
Post # 4
look miam I am not angry its just that we all gods people you have to understand we have to share

Re: coven members spells
Post # 5
ms.Lark whether you with me out or not to get access its ok

Re: coven members spells
Post # 6

The members may share them justwith their coven. A main point of keeping spells private from the public is to draw members into the coven and then you have some spells that may be a little to advance for some younger members. At other times, coven stuff is just private for coven reasons. It's not the matter of sharing them with the public, but it'sthe matter of sharing them with the coven. Plus not allmembers like having their spells shared to people they don't trust or the caster that adds them would rather keep it private and keep it in the realms of the family environment of the coven where they actually might know the members. Also if some spells were public, let's say the good ones or the advance ones, then it will led to more plagiarism on the site because somemembers want to copy the spells just to make them look smart and knowledgeable. It also prevents issues from other covens. Since spells don't have a posting date on there descriptions they won't have to worry about members lying. Keeping spells private also helps from rumors from getting started. It's a general reason why what stays in the coven stays in the coven and the fact mods can't interfere with coven business. As well, if there is a successful coven and a novice/knowledgeablecouncil member posts a spell that might seem fluffy to someone outside of the coven it might bring a bad look on the covenand start lies.Again, if some spells were public it might not attract many members. When I was priest once I've notice some members just join the coven for their spells and don't care for the forums or anything like that which isn't good because members need to share some type of activity in the coven. Some covens even have rules for keeping spells private because of pervious issues that have happened or things they have heard about as well. Plus several covens in real life actually keep their stuff private. These are some general reasons why spells are private.

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