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anyone a spell caster
Post # 1
Is there anyone a spell caster that can help me please
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Re: anyone a spell caster
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There aren't many people here that will cast spells on behalf of others as their practice is commonly a personal matter to themselves. There are some that will do spells for others however those individuals would probably want and need more details on what your situation is before agreeing to help you.

Note though that the most effective way of casting a spell is to do so yourself. It seems daunting to do so at first but with a little studying, practice and patience you can learn the art yourself and hopefully get better results. I realize that this isn't what everyone wants but if you'd like to give it a shot look over the basics here and start investigating what type of things might benefit a spell to your purpose.

Finally I'll say this if someone does volunteer to cast a spell for you do NOT pay them for their services. Most people that ask for money in exchange are frankly scams who'll take the money and then never lift a finger to help. Even if their requests seem reasonable, such as the cost to cover particular objects or ingredients they commonly use in that type of spell, I personally wouldn't trust them but if you choose to then at least look into it a bit. Ask around to see if they're generally respected within the community and have a look at what they're asking for and asses yourself if it seems legitimate.
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Re: anyone a spell caster
Post # 3
No I just tell them that I'll give them the money after I have my results you know to get them to work for something then half the people on here are selfish with their gifts and don't want to help anyone
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