multiple relation spell

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multiple relation spell
Post # 1
Hello all. I have two loves in my life and have been having a very hard time the last year or so with them. They both seem to be pulling away from me, or maybe I am pulling away from them. One I have been with for 20 years and the other 5. At this point, it looks as if they are both going to leave me, although they both still love me and I still them. We were in a committed relationship between the three of us and things got bad last year after a night of drinking. Being an Aries, I know I am highly sexual and they had both been neglecting me. One of my friends got flirty with me but we both know it would never go anywhere, she did it to turn her husband on and we have never tried to go farther than some biting on the neck. Another friend of mine, this one male, who has always been reserved around me was drunk as well. He joined in on the biting. There was no sexual relations with any of them but my two loves feel as if I did them wrong. I won't say I shouldn't have stopped what was going on but it felt nice to have someone pay attention to me and since I was drunk, the voice in my head wasn't forceful enough to make me stop this. Is there a spell I can use to fix my relationship with both of them?
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Re: multiple relation spell
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
First Grow up already. If you think you need more than one in your life why in the world are you so worried if one or both leave you? Personally I think you deserve it. I think you should spend a couple years totally alone with nobody in your life. That way when you do meet someone else you may just may actually appreciate the person for who they are without having to have more than one person. If you want more than one person do not complain when one or more decide to walk out of your life. That tends to happen to people that can not be faithful.
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Re: multiple relation spell
Post # 3
Totally agree with Sue...I don't think it's a spell you need but some therapy.
Each to their own, I say, but don't go asking for help when clearly you're the problem.
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Re: multiple relation spell
Post # 4
I actually have no problem with multiple people relationships (polyamoury) as long as everyone is consenting, and you have you're own agreements that you follow. Apparently you guys aren't in an open relationship, and you acknowledge that you were in the wrong. I'm not experience at all with spells because I just started, but maybe you can search in the search bar at the top right hand corner of this site for "forgiveness" or "get back together" spells and pick the ones that have the highest rating. Just cast the spell twice since there is two of them.
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Re: multiple relation spell
Post # 5
Sue, Cancermum, I'm sorry that you are closed minded about this and think it means I need therapy. Not all understand bi-sexualism and that you can love, very deeply, more than one person. BTW I have had therapy, not because I thought I needed it but because I wanted to be a better person for my loves. It did work at the time but then I got caught up in life and stopped going.


Thank you for the kind words. I will take your advice on the spells and look.
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Re: multiple relation spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Oh please. I have nothing against people who practice polygamy. However, I do get rather ticked when they start trying to place the blame on their sexuality. You being bisexual has nothing to do with an inability to be monogamous. It's your choice. You choose to have more than one lover and I believe that the situation would be just exactly the same if you were heterosexual or homosexual. So don't try playing the "I'm bisexual! I can't help it!" card on this forum.

Now that that's out of the way, I will say this. The two people who are threatening to leave you have every right to feel betrayed by your actions. Especially if you were in a committed relationship with the both of them. If you wanted to be with other people, rather random strangers of your friends, then you should have discussed it with your lovers first. They have feelings and minds of their own. They're not just there to satisfy your sexual urges or fulfill your need for company. As such, you should treat both of them with the respect they deserve.

As for them pulling away from you before the incident. Were you paying them equal amounts of attention? A lover can get jealous quite easily if they feel that they are being ignored in favor of the other. I should know. I've been in that type of situation. For a relationship like this to work, both parties need to feel as if they're needed and loved. They need to know that they are both very important to you. You should remind them of that every day.
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Re: multiple relation spell
Post # 7
I'm far from being close minded and I too am bisexual but I've never used alcohol as an excuse!!!

To me it looks like there were problems long before that incident as it seems rather odd that both your loves would get upset over "just biting".

Hope it all works out for you.
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Re: multiple relation spell
Post # 8
It is a tuff one because number one, if you need more than one person, that is serious stuff to do with polyamory and not a child's game. Number two, we live in a very monogamous culture and bisexuality is nothing to be ashamed about but should not be used as the cop out as Integra would say.

We also know there are spells designed for one love that are designed for one person each and can be a problem if you don't have patience and the ability to bring them back to you. What you need is time and patience with both of them and if they go let them go despite how many spells you do to bring them back.
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Re: multiple relation spell
By: / Novice
Post # 9
For whatever its worth. this osunds like a really complex situation.
lover 1
lover 2
biter 1
biter 2
spouse of biter 1

that's a lot of people and a lot of energy. Whatever spell you use will require a lot of energy, time and consideration I would think.

how much energy and affection are you giving out? and how much do you demand? is there balance here? you don't have to post your answers but you may want to think about it.

Good luck though, if you are creating and nurturing a lot of love being sent into this world, then I applaud you!
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