Restless Mind

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Restless Mind
Post # 1
I used to have quite the clear counciouss and always seemed focused. But I do t know what happened along the line, for some odd reason mind never can become clear. I'm failing spells and rituals all because no matter how hard I try or what I try my mind never can become clear. I've tried meditations of all types, focus training and a lot of other things. My mind seems to always be filled with thoughts I can't control, thoughts randomly pop up all of the times that I can't seem to get rid of. I always have a song stuck in my head and gives me massive head aches. My thoughts are noisy and clamoured. I get the most painful and mind wretching head aches from it, and nothing seems to work not even sleep. I'll go to sleep and wake up with songs playing in my head and random thoughts. Please if anyone knows what this is I would love to know how to
Fix it. I haven't astral projected ever since it began and that used to be my trump card of knowledge.
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Re: Restless Mind
Post # 2
Honestly I wish I knew. I deal with similar syptoms, I can see one small thing, that will lead into the biggest train of thoughts, and will make up scenerios. It will even have me zone out so I am completely focusing on what ever I am thinking about and looking deeper into it without it stopping and that it is never ending.

I did a undbinding spell however, and during the spell I freely spoke about what I wanted about doing what was said and I had asked for all ties and bonds to be cut by the goddess so they will be nevermore and I actually felt free for half a day and could choose what to focus on and what if I wanted to just do whatever...if you would like the spell I can give it to you.
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Re: Restless Mind
Post # 3
I don't understand what it could be, perhaps I should look into some medical information and see if its something caused by anxiety or lack of sleep etc. Perhaps, if that's the case then I'll be happy because it's mean I just need to
Give my doctor a visit and have him be the one stressing over it hah
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