Witch craft protection

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Forums -> General Info -> Witch craft protection

Witch craft protection
Post # 1
What are some things i can do to protect myself against witch craft?
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Re: Witch craft protection
Post # 2

Well, you are not looking for protection from "Witchcraft" you are looking for protection from spells. Witchcraft in itself isn't a spell. We don't sit around and say "I am going to cast a witchcraft at you" or "I am going to use a witchcraft." anyways, the best way to protect yourself from people who are either;

  • Irresponisble with spells
  • or just don't like you.

I would look through the spells here or make a protection spell on your own (More of create one of your own).
The thing with doing spells in general is not easy, especially when you are you beginner. You should read more about spells and how they work, you can't simply go out into a open area or a place in your house, and speak the words you must know how to do it.

Remember spells will not go *POOF* and work, most spells take a long time to work. It depends on the spell.

So here is my advice to you, read more about magick, spells, and the universe. Read about the energies. Remember that magick is just energy.

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Re: Witch craft protection
Post # 3
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Re: Witch craft protection
Post # 4
Witchcraft is a generic term which encompasses more than just spells, and not everything cast against a person is a spell. They don't always fit under the umbrella of spell, at various times, as well.

Reasons why one may need protection from witchcraft can include:
Association with someone who is often a target.
Their own workings backfiring.
Any sort of backlash that they might believe in.
Irritating another practitioner directly.
Or another reason entirely.

Protective symbols and amulets are very common. People wear many symbols ranging from triquetras and pentacles to crosses and Stars of David. Depending on your beliefs and preferences, this might be something to look into.

Spells actually can be easy, depending on your personal paradigm. Some people believe that no matter how intricate or simple the process of a spell is, all you need is the belief behind it, while others may believe that the process is the entire spell, and furthermore there are witches who believe in a mix of those two or something else entirely.
Looking for simple things to do, like basic hand gestures, cleansings, and protections is actually possible. Crossing fingers has been viewed as a way to protect against curses. Adding common herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme, and/or lavender to baths is seen as a way to cleanse the body and soul of negativity without having to do very much except add herbs to a bath and bathe.

So yes, take the time to look through the spells and articles here on SoM, you will find plenty of spells, charms, talismans, and ideas that you can use in their posted form or in one that suits your needs, capabilities, and/or availability.
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Re: Witch craft protection
Post # 5
You can use a plant called "yarrow" it can shield you from a witchs power, plus a witch of the dark arts cannot walk pass it if it is growing naturally near an entrance to a house and or building.
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Re: Witch craft protection
Post # 6
One of my favorite methods of protection is to fill a (small) jar with salt, protection herbs and a strand of my hair with the intention of having the jar absorb any curses or negative energies that try to come after me. Then I place the jar in a window so that either the sun or moon can charge it.

There are a lot of protection spells out there so just do some searching until you find one that you like. This site even has a section for protection spells.
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Re: Witch craft protection
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Spells are more about Wicca than witchcraft. I have been a witch for over seventy years, and, apart from childhood "blowing out the candles on a cake", I have never cast a spell in my life!
The idea of witches having "power" is a myth. A story spread by the Christian Church.
I am a real witch. We have no truck with curses,hexes,flying on broomsticks,or changing into "familiars".
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Re: Witch craft protection
Post # 8

There are quite a few things you can do to protect yourself from negativity. I use this term because most often we are not dealing with an actual practitioner when we feel "attacked". Negativity effects everyone differently but most often in bad ways.

Eat a healthy diet, avoid people whom are constantly negative, learn to shield yourself from others energy, think positively (what we think/feel/do comes back to us) and above all else do not focus on the idea of needing to protect from something. When we feel we may suffer from such things we make ourselves more vulnerable to this negativity. We focus our minds on that possibility and sure enough will notice every little bit of bad luck or ill feeling ;)

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Re: Witch craft protectio
By: / Novice
Post # 9
You should probably be studying the basics instead of trying to cast, if you dont know. The witches bottle/jar is a great old traditional american witchcraft charm and you can find several variations. Or devise your own once you understand the foundation of the spell and correspondances. I also like the idea of sheilding. And you can look that up too.
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