The broom closet

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The broom closet
Post # 1
I was wondering whether anyone had some tips for practising wicca while in the broom closet to your parents. I am quite new to wicca, although I practise 8 hours every day, And I don't want to tell my parents about it yet, in case I change my mind. Even though I probably wont, I want to make sure this is right for me. But at the same time I want to actively practise. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

-Blessed be )0(
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Re: The broom closet
Post # 2
Not sure if this counts as a tip, but what I did, I took the laptop to my room and read a lot on wicca and magick (and anything else I was interested in) I also went to the local library and checked out a few books on wicca and magick and hid them in my dresser, underneath my clothes, and i read them when i was alone in my house. When you're alone, it's a great time to practice ehat you want, without worrying you'll be caught or disturbed, just have a general idea of when your parents should get home. That's all i got for now, i hope it helps. :)
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Re: The broom closet
Post # 3
I was never really in the broom closet, we just didn't talk about it. Besides my family was more concerned with me being a lesbian then a Wiccan at the time. :D (They got over it eventually)
My tip would be this, set up an altar on your dresser or bookshelf just as though its a gathering of your favorite things. I used two wolf statues back then as my god and goddess statues. If you can't use a candles try using a flashlight. If you find a wand in nature that isn't all decorated up like what you can get in occult shops then you can easily decorate it with ribbons and bells and just say you like the way its shaped.
The hardest thing is going to be getting things like a cauldron, casting circle and reading books on the topic.
One idea is to get books on various religions and to just say you are interested in the theology behind it so that wiccan books don't look as suspicious. Also most information found in books is available on the web so just make sure to clear your browser history.
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Re: The broom closet
Post # 4
Thank you! This has helped me alot in my practise :) Blessed be!
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