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Post # 1
I've always tried to figure out what my element is, and also how to figure out what my spiritual animal is if anyone can toss me some tips is appreciate it. Best Wishes
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Re: Curiosity
Post # 2
Read up on it, compare the element's/ animal's behavioral nature to your personality.
Try taking those silly quizzes online and see if your'e satisfied.

Though we don't exactly have our own spirit animals and elements, we all can relate to one or two and have our connections. It is better to balance what we work with though.
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Re: Curiosity
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Paths.
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Re: Curiosity
Post # 4

It is common to have mulitple elements and animals that can relate to you at a particular time. Also be aware that they can change too depending on what is going on in your situation and what type of balance is needed. I find that it is easier to find an element by meditating with it. You can discover what emotion it evokes from you and how well it relates to you. For example, I commonly work with water and earth elements, but when times are tough, I seek the fire element. Basically, take some time and work with each element. Not only will this help you find your element but it will also improve any skills and practice that may be needed.

With spiritual animals, you can do specific meditations and research. There are plenty of books and online topics. Find the animal that feels right to you. They usually come and go through your life/dreams and constantly evolving (different animals) to help guide you through your path.

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Re: Curiosity
Post # 5
Hm that makes sense, I've always found fire mesmerizing and relaxing and constantly find myself staring at it and day dreaming. Water is also a good one, I feel at peace when in water, I used to live by a pond and would go there everytime some rough patches came across my path. It seems like fire always makes me sleepy for some reason. And it's strange your mention the animal occurring in my dream because I've been having dreams here recently that I'm a fox getting chased by a rather aggressive dog I think was a Tibetan mastiff.
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