Is this a Haunting?

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Is this a Haunting?
Post # 1
Last week I cleansed my room and cleared it off all that was bad. We even closed a dark portal that was there. Everything has been good since then until today. Before I left the house maggots were rising up from the carpet one after the other. I personally am a very clean person. The thing that is weird is that I was the only one to see that and I crushed every single one that I saw so it seems odd to me. Could this be a haunting at its beginning? Or could this be a form of a spell backfiring? I am just very curious and a little grossed out. Can anyone give me ideas of what this might be. Thank you and blessed be.
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Re: Is this a Haunting?
Post # 2

If you honestly think that there was a dark portal there, then there could be a great chance that something latched onto you or your house- and stayed there. If you were the only one who could see the maggots, then it might have been a given image or a hallucination. Something that someone wants you to see.

If you're experienced with cleansing your house and spell casting, then there probably will be a very thin possibility that the spell backfired.

I recommend cleansing your whole house, and not just your room. There could be more bad entities lingering around your house.

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Re: Is this a Haunting?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Ok these are some things you need to check before assuming super-natural reasons for the maggot attack.

Are you on medication, prescribed and un-prescribed? If so, were you on any medication that day? What did you eat and drink on the day of the maggot attack?

Have you ever done chemical drugs for recreation? Even once?

At what time of the day did this happen? What were you doing when this happened?

I don't know what spell you cast and why you feel it backfired. But do revisit your thought process while performing the spell. Did your mind lose focus and wander off for a bit? Did you feel fear or a sense of negativity?

If you've cast a spell that you know you shouldn't have, then it could be sub conscious guilt that's making you see things.

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