Love curse?

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Love curse?
Post # 1
So a good friend of mine dated a Wiccan guy a while back, she was an alcoholic and druggie and wound up taking this guys virginity and lead him on . She has since changed and is a very good person but since their break up she has had Jo luck sigh guys, after getting her heart broken a few days ago we went to a psychic, who told us she had been cursed and that the guy she had less on has used a spell to stop men from loving her, (the psychic used the metaphor that a black clouds was over her life and wouldn't be cleared until she was cleansed) and that he had buried a picture of her during the casting of the spell. She's really freaked out and I was wondering if anyone knew a way to cleanse her or what spell might have been used so we could research it further . Much thanks! -Jake
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Re: Love curse?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Did the psychic happen to offer to take the spell off her for a price/recommend someone who could?
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Re: Love curse?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

As ConjureLady said, telling someone they have a curse on them is a not uncommon ploy to get people to give them money to remove said curse. And of course the truth is that there isn't any curse on them at's all a scam. But by making her believe that she is cursed it gives this non-existent curse a foothold in her mind that makes her think that nothing she can do will be right. My first advice to her would be to shrug this off as a probable scam.

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Re: Love curse?
Post # 4
A second opinion on it might also be something to consider if she has trouble shrugging it off.

You might also consider taking what you know about the supposed curse and see what you can find out. There's bound to be resources out there on something like this.
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