The Sacred Images

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The Sacred Images
Post # 1
SATAN (The Accuser),
In the Black Book of Satan, Father says to keep his image sacred.
OK? So what are his images? In my opinion we all see Father differently. But the best and most well known images we have today come from, Well you know?? The Christian Bible! Under the guidance of my Father, I started to examine the three main images that the Bible uses to portrays him. (The number 3's meaning is imagination). And now, here are my results. (These are all short definitions of what these images symbolize.
1.) The Lion stands for courage, strength, fearlessness,bravery and royalty. (So far, not so bad).
2.) The Snake stands for charm, sexual energy, wisdom, death, and rebirth. (I like the way that sounds).
3.) The Dragon symbolizes in nature, creator and destroyer. Universally he symbolizes wisdom, longevity, and spiritual power.
(This is making me feel really good.) Well, these are the images that the Christians so humbly gave him. Now,I will interpret my personal understanding of these images of my Father.
(Ready?) My Father is a sexual, charming, fearless, active, spiritual power of universal wisdom. Having the nature of creator and destroyer, death and rebirth. And that's a Christian truth. Straight out of their book, The Bible. It makes me proud to be a Satanist, thank you Christians. I do look forward to any comments. PS Two other images that are also related to Satan are the Goat, that stands for stubbornness, and self-awareness. And the Peacock, which stands for beauty, pride, and self renewal. (It doesn't get much better than that).
Bless it to Be
Hail Satan
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Re: The Sacred Images
Post # 2
Just yes. You have so many points
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Re: The Sacred Images
Post # 3
Not to offend you or anything, but the majority of their imagery for "The Devil" is pagan, and was designed to keep people from worshipping their great great grandparent's gods. Pan for instance, demonized and made perverted by followers of The Sky God.
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Re: The Sacred Images
Post # 4
Satanism developed as a youth movement away from the Sky God, there was some attempt to return to the old gods. However, the only thing they'd ever heard was their ancestors followed demons and evil spirits. So that is what the new generation did.
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