The Colors Beyond Our Eye

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The Colors Beyond Our Eye
Post # 1

The Colors Beyond Our Eyes

We see a description of something with our eyes, but what is reality? Colors are a main key to something's description. They can also be a huge part in someone's magical practice too but it does not go for everyone; however, it is good to learn something new about energy and to understand what is real. Do you know the truth?

Colors lay everywhere we look. In the trees, in the river, even on and inside you. Some people, over the years, says that magick has no color and it is just energy. Is that really the truth? It is energy, but I disagree with the part it has no color. All things have some sort of color to them. Since magick is energy it has color because spiritual energy does. Our auras are example of such energy. We don't give it a color. We give the color a definition and meaning so we may describe and work with it as we please.

Colors exist naturally in nature. They are part of the electromagnetic spectrum called visible light. They are the waves that someone can see. Their wavelengths are shorter than those of inferred rays, but have higher frequencies. If you look on a table of the electromagnetic spectrum visible light falls between inferred rays and ultraviolet rays. The farther you go on the spectrum (from radio waves all they way to gamma rays) the wavelengths get shorter while the frequencies get higher. It's kind of like chakras a little. As you work up from each chakra you become more balance and the distance between you and your spiritual self decreases because you grow closer. The visible light that appears white is actually a mixture of many colors. When white light passes through a prism it refracts and causes it to separate and form into wavelengths. This was proven by Isaac Newton in 1665 when he discovered that when using a prism the colors refract at slightly different angles which depends on the wave lengths of color. This makes me think that the white light some people visualize for protection, cleansing, etc is a mixture of colors that is gaining all the colors that may represent negativity. Visible light are the colors of the rainbow, but as we mix colors together they form new ones. As shown on the color wheel, colors compare and contrast from each other to make new ones such as yellow-orange. Kind of like when you work with candles. You want to know which colors can subsitute each other and which our opposite from one another. According to science, colors are waves themselves and these waves are what we call energy. Energy does come in different forms. The entire electromagnetic spectrum is like visible light itself. The color red has the longest wavelengths and the color purple has the shortest. It's kind of like radio waves and gamma rays.

Colors can also change for varies reasons. This can happen when mixing colors, a object or the energy grows hotter or cooler, etc. Spiritual energy can change colors based on how you work with your energy, moods, and all that good stuff. Spiritual energy may be spiritual, but it still follows the same process as visible light. It's still energy. Without visible light we couldn't see colors spiritual or not. Magick follows science and all colors we see, even if it's spiritual, needs some type of source which forms them. It's like the sun being the main source of visible light. If the sun were to disappear colors would be much different too or we might not have any at all because the sun is the main source of visible light our eyes receive. The sun would even look different if the temperature increased or decreased which proves that colors do change by some things. Believe it or not sometimes the colors in science is different than those in art. Unlike art, if the sun was to get hotter it would turn blue and if it got cooler it would turn red. The difference is that, in art, red is a warm color where as blue is a cool color unlike what as been stated above. This also proves colors are different because of our definition of them, but it does show they exist in nature and can change. If you look at it from a spiritual standpoint, the sun is like a deity you work that sends his or her energy in many forms. It's like the sun represents the Holy Bible in Christianity and the bible is like an energy point that goes in different directions or the moon representing a goddess that brings so many things and possibilities in someone's life. The same goes with chakras. Chakras are energy points, but each one is different and can represent a multitude of things.

Different properties of objects can also absorb colors. Some elements do this and they leave black lines in the spectrum called absorption lines. This could explain why some stones/gems loose their coloring. Objects also carry along reflectance. This is a unique signature for elements, cell structures, and molecules. Objects that have reflectance can include: wet or dry soil, water, clouds, etc. In my opinion, this is a perfect example why we need to focus on the good and bad in our practice. Be careful with some things then because they can harm someone sometimes. Some parts of visible light and the electromagnetic spectrum can do this. Colors may be our friend, but they can reflect off something and be our worse enemies. It's kind of like ultraviolet rays or X-Rays. You will always have the good and the bad.

When looking at something like this you need to think of it physically and spiritually as well as visualizing your thoughts too. You need to know how something comes into affect both ways. This proves that colors exist in nature and that spiritual energy/magick as color to it. You cannot say that magick is energy and as no color because the facts are in front of you. Magick is spiritual energy and our auras as well as many other things proves it. Colors may exist, but it is our choice to decide how we use and view them. Try to think of something both ways because if you talk about something one way you need to look at it the other way and see the similarities and differences. There is no short cuts with energy. We need to understand it. Something may have something, but we do not perceive it and we need to learn how. This thread was to help understand visible light. Use this thread as a kick start in thinking in a different way unlike a human. See things differently and see something you commonly don't think about. People don't usually think about the electromagnetic spectrum with energy, but we need to so we can fully understand it. Don't just listen to your mind, but listen to your heart and spirit. You may disagree with me or this thread in general but that is you having your own mind. Look farther into it. Share your thoughts that way we can all think differently than our regular selves. Share something so we may understand from a new point of view. This could go into farther detail, but lets leave the rest for you to think about because a piece of writing is never finished. It leaves behind a hidden link for others to build on and to let their minds grow as well as to think more.

Here is a good link about color correspondences in magick:


- Thank you to Artindark for helping and inspiring me while making this and gaining knowledge from a new perspective.
- And my knowledge from pass research when I studied this in 8th Grade Science a couple of years back.

~Saturn Legend's Witch~

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Re: The Colors Beyond Our Eye
Post # 2
Good post, however I would like to add another possibility to the spectrum here. :P Where you say "Our auras are example of such energy. We don't give it a color. We give the color a definition and meaning so we may describe and work with it as we please." How do we know we aren't giving it color? How people perceive energy is highly based on personal beliefs, our own sensitivity, and many other buggy little things throwing themselves in there. It is quite possible the mind sees not the color, but what we consider the color to represent, then to transfer the meaning over in a more simple matter the subconscious gives our conscious mind a color. This would mean we give a color to the definition based upon our believes, and what we have seen with our eyes on the physical plane.

So just another way to look at things. Not everything has a exact color. Places with no light at all for example. Some may consider it to then be black, however I see it as an absence of color, rather than just being black. While the mind may easily perceive them similar, how they exist are different indeed.
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Re: The Colors Beyond Our Eye
Post # 3

That is why it's based on your own perspective and definition to suit your needs. We as humans are not perfect. Energy cannot be created nor destroy. That is why we can't give it color. The color of energy is there to begin with because it is apart of the energy. You cannot give it a color you give that color a meaning based on your needs and beliefs, but you need to be aware of both the spiritual and physical outcomes as well as those beyond your own mind. You can only influence it to change based on how you work with energy. Like stated, what we have seen with our eyes on the physical plane and our definition of these colors need to be thought out to both a spiritual and physical perspective. We do not just need to think as a human, but we need to try to think like something else. Like how other animals see and understand things differently. Our subconscious and conscious are linked together. One thing does not just tells you something and gives the other a color, but they work together. As you think of something one way you need to think of it the other. It's like a colony of ants. They are all different (like the subconscious and conscious), but the differences between each ant lets them work together as a whole. They do not just give someone something, but they work together like said. There are no short cuts. Giving something a something is not working together, but one part working on it's own and the other agreeing. If you allow one thing to come into affect then that's not fully understanding something or just giving a full definition because you are missing apart of it. We all know a belief does not make it true, but once it is proven it is a fact no matter how many times you disagree because it has something called proof. Your subconscious does not just give you all the answers because the conscious will think differently at times.

Everything may not have an exact color, but they began with an exact color and those similar ties and differences brought them together. "Even in darkness it is possible to see light." - Elie Wiesel. According to a website I will state below, black, just like white, is a mixture of colors. It does not lack them. It absorbs them like it may absorb heat. Heat can come from light and light makes colors so there ya go. It does not lack them and it's not simply black, but it does have different perspectives which is good because these different thoughts correspond with each to make a full understanding of it. That is a good example and hopefully it's the right answer. lol


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Re: The Colors Beyond Our Eye
Post # 4

That is also probably why different colors may form when you close you eyes and look into the void. Different things have some type of source and the colors come from that source. They do not stand alone. Science and art compare and contrast from each other. They exist together and need to both be thought out because of the things the share and differ from. That is what helps make a full understanding of something as you look from it from different perspectives. Some animals see in negativity or black and white. They are not seeing visible light. They are seeing a mixture of it. Someone who is color blind is looking at the color because they know they are color blind but sees it from a different perspective. They're probably just seeing it in a different form. If we could create the color we would just say that you wanted your aura to have part of this color, but you aren't doing anything for it. Your subconscious doesn't just give the color to your conscious mind. It doesn't add up that way. It takes time for something to change and as something changes some type of work is being done to it and the thing that is changing it is thinking of it correctly and in different forms to get the full outcome. It's like how a scientist does different experiments to make the right conclusion and people using doing methods in their craft to see which one may or may not work and is most helpful to them.

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Re: The Colors Beyond Our Eye
Post # 5
"Even in darkness it is possible to see light." Is meant more in a metaphorical sense. Also, if you re-read my statement I said there is a difference between black and no color. I believe that before there were any stars, heat, gods, worlds, so on and so forth that there was just nothingness. In that nothingness included an absent of color. It is one of those whole "If a tree lands in the forest and no one is around to hear it" things. I understand that many things color can be measured for color even without like, such as chemical makeups and the like.

However, color as it is can be stemmed as a purely physical aspect of this world by many people. Our perception of things non-physical are often portrayed in ways our mind can understand. However, that being said there are relevance of colors in many paths, religious and non-religious. These colors in meanings can vary widely, or have similar meaning. What can this say about color in magic, other than it is based of perception of the color, rather than the color having a direct meaning without completely denying the correctness of other path's color practices?

We can not perceive things are minds are not truly ready for. We have many mental blocks, spiritual blocks, and physical blocks in the lifetime. It also goes to say that each person's energy resonates differently with other energies, the same way one might like the taste of one food, while another will completely gag at it. While I don't discount that to you everything may have a color. To me there are things absent of it, in which my mind will then create a color so I may be able to perceive it.
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Re: The Colors Beyond Our Eye
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Forgive me for a few corrections:

Spiritual energy, possessing no mass, does not give off any light typically. It is "seen" by those who are capable purely through visualization, which is the mind forming an image of an object, spirit, etc. based on what its energy tells one's mind to perceive. It has nothing to do with the visible spectrum, or invisible spectrum, of light whatsoever. Thus one could still "see" spiritual colors even if one had no eyes, or visible light, though the frame of reference would likely change - leaving one turning to tactile senses, or something else more familiar.

Matter reflects light to provide its color - it does not change color because its energy changes. When matter changes color it is because its pigmentation has been altered, thus altering what light is reflected and what light is absorbed. If matter is heated, it will sometimes change color as well but this is more a visible display of that matter changing state from solids, or liquids to gasses.

Further, the meaning behind different colors is highly subjective. Black is a color for mourning in most Western cultures. In many Eastern cultures, the color for mourning is White. So on, so forth. What you see spiritually may not be exactly what I see spiritually, because of these differences in perception rooted within culture, as well as our own life experiences and personalities.

The only reason that we see and interpret visible light in generally the same way is because the human optic nerves are generally built the same way. Notable exceptions to this are the various forms of color blindness that exist.
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Re: The Colors Beyond Our Eye
By: / Novice
Post # 7
What a great discussion. Thank you for posting this.
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