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Post # 1
can anyone tell me if oregano has magic powers and if so.. what can i use it for?

thank you!!
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Re: hello
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Herbalism from Misc Topics.
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Re: hello
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

* Oregano * Planet: Venus Element: Air Main magickal uses: happiness, tranquility Other magickal uses: Animals, grieving, harmony, love, peace, protection, psychic development, weddings

"Oregano has a very long history of use in folk lore. It has been used for culinary purposes, medicinal reasons, and was believed to hold magical properties as well...Ancient Greeks believed that oregano was a useful poison antidote and was used extensively both internally and externally as a fomentation to treat skin irritations and infections, dropsy, convulsions, and as an antidote for narcotic poisons. Traditional Chinese healers have also used oregano for generations to treat a variety of complaints. In Shakespearean times, oregano was used for just about anything. It is said to encourage good luck and good health. It is used in spells for happiness, tranquility, luck, health, protection and letting go of a loved one. It is believed that when worn on the head during sleep, it will promote psychic dreams. Oregano symbolizes joy. It is said to banish sadness and why not with its sweet fragrance and velvety leaves...It is believed if carried in a sachet or charm it will bring good luck and good health. It has also been used in love potions and rituals to enhance an already existing love relationship. A tea or incense is used for any of the above as well as for letting go of a loved one whether it be a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone else that it hurts to leave. Growing oregano near your home is said to protect it from evil forces. It can also been carried as a charm for the same purpose. Plant Oregano around your house for protection, and scatter it inside the house to protect it as well..."

Medicinal Uses: antioxidant, colds and flu, bacterial and viral infections.

Magical Uses: rituals, love, happiness

The Encyclopedia of 1000 Spells lists Oregano for a courage bath and a spell to forget old lovers:

Oregano Courage Bath
"Bathe in an infusion of oregano (not while pregnant!) to calm nerves, regroup scattered thoughts and emotions, and to summon courage."

Oregano Spell
"The scent of oregano allegedly helps you forget old lovers...burning the dried herb as incense or heating a few drops of the essential oil in an aroma burner are...effective."

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