Alphabet Divination

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Alphabet Divination
Post # 1
I post largely on Tumblr, and a form of divination I came across while on there was based on the idea of letters and randomly formed words. One user got the idea from a book written by Judika Illes, if I remember correctly. The main idea was that one should collect squares of paper (or something else) with a single letter written on each side. There can be one of each letter, two of each letter, or even lettered tiles taken from boardgames like Scrabble (which represent how common a certain letter is in the English language by how many appear compared to the others in the game).

The original method was to simple collect the letters and put them in a jar or bag and then to dump them out. Look at the letters and try to find words in the mess. Once you have found words, think of if they mean anything to you, look up definitions, or symbolism related to them, and it provides your answer.

My method, though, is a bit different. I do the readings in two sets. I do what the original instructions entailed. I collect letters, that I have taken from the game Bananagrams, and place them in a generic jam jar. I shake the jar with my question in mind and them dump them out. At this point, I flatten the pile that may have arisen just a little bit. I look for the first set of words in this mess. Then, after I have found them and taken note, I turn any that are upside-down so that they are face up. I look for new words, generally avoiding areas where I found the words for the first set. I then compare the two lists and take what I can from them. More often then not, I see the first list as things from the past affecting my present, and the second list as things from my present that will mean something in my future.

I just thought that I might mix up the ideas in the forum a little bit by adding a relatively unknown form of divination!
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Re: Alphabet Divination
Post # 2
Its pretty much like divination with runes except your using the english languange instead of the traditional runes right?
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Re: Alphabet Divination
Post # 3
I've never done divination with runes and I have no idea how rune casting actually works.
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