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Post # 1
I have cast a persuasion (with good intentions) spell on someone I know and this person appeared to me in dream that same night when I went to bed..
I had never dreamed of that person before, so I woke up in a very good mood in the morning.

Are the spell and the dream linked somehow?

Is dreaming the target a direct effect of the spell?
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Re: Questions...
Post # 2
hi I am new, I came by this out of pure curiosity and find myself looking up stuff unconsciously
I want to learn.
to ask for spiritual guidance.
I haven't had much luck in the well present and past.
I work hard to try to give myself a stable and life assuring career
a little bit of luck I would be grateful for.

any support of helpfulness welcome
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Re: Questions...
Post # 3
It could be a direct effect of the spell, though I cannot say for sure. Based on the information you've provided, I would personally think that yes, it was about the spell. However, as it was your spell and your dream, the only one who can really tell you if they are connected is yourself.
Think about it, ask yourself questions about the spell, the dream, and the person in question. Make a decision based on your own thoughts and experience.
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Re: Questions...
Post # 4
I would say that it depends on what you think of it as Lilith. Truthfully, it could be your mind and just as truthfully it could be the spell. Your mind when you sleep goes through the events of the day and records/stores them in your long term memory. When you experience dreaming, this often means you come up with odd things; such as seeing flesh eating zombies in pink tutus because you watched a zombie movie after a dance recital. However, it could be that the spell or the intended target invaded your unconscious mind and gave you a good dream about each other. If it is a special dream, it will have a feeling to it unlike normal dreams and will seem different and odd, or at least that is how I tell the difference. But what really matters is whether you believe it to be just a dream or a result of the spell.
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Re: Questions...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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