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Post # 1
have you ever dreamed of the target of a spell you did cast on?
It happened to me the following night after casting this spell :
Persuasion Spell

1 Red pen

1 Blue pen

1 Sheet of paper

something that belongs to the person your trying to persuade (i.e: a piece of jewelry)

How to cast the persuasion spell:

Use the blue pen to write the name of the person you wish to persuade on the paper, then draw a pentagram next to the name.

Turn the paper over and write what you want to persuade the person to do with the red pen.

Fold the paper in half twice and hold it over your heart with your left hand. With your right hand hold something that belongs to the person your trying to persuade.


"Ancient God and Goddess i call upon thee
To allow (Name of the Person your trying to persuade) heart and mind to soften towards me
Not to do what i command
but to loosen the grain of sand
so may it be."

Sleep with the paper under your pillow and repeat the incantation when you wake up.

That night the target of my spell (cast with love and good intentions) appeared in dream to me.
I had never dreamed of that person, so I was definitely surprised because it happened right after casting a persuasion love spell.
Should I take the dream as a first direct of my spell?
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Re: Experience
Post # 2
I would say that it depends on what you think of it as Lilith. Truthfully, it could be your mind and just as truthfully it could be the spell. Your mind when you sleep goes through the events of the day and records/stores them in your long term memory. When you experience dreaming, this often means you come up with odd things; such as seeing flesh eating zombies in pink tutus because you watched a zombie movie after a dance recital. However, it could be that the spell or the intended target invaded your unconscious mind and gave you a good dream about each other. If it is a special dream, it will have a feeling to it unlike normal dreams and will seem different and odd, or at least that is how I tell the difference. But what really matters is whether you believe it to be just a dream or a result of the spell.
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Re: Experience
Post # 3
I am aware that when we sleep at night, our mind goes through different short and long term events or things seen, lived that impressed us during the day.
I had never dreamed of the person I did cast the spell on.
I remember my dreams usually and I had never dreamed of that person before.
I dreamed of him the night after the spell and the following day I woke up happy because this person appeared in dream to me.
Coincidence or a direct effect of the spell?
I am still trying to find an answer.
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