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mellow hello
Post # 1
Just like to say hi. I am only on here to make a few friends and make contact with some old friends. I don't care much for the face of authority, but respect is the name of the life's game. I'm into spiritual warfare and that is about it. I work alone and laugh lots. I have a lot of mixed blood, which is why I am here. I have nothing to ask and nothing to share in the forums because what I generally have to share is too extreme. I take my craft seriously. I have no patience for tools, mods, fools, flower-child's, fluffs or late children.

I take interest in conversations with shop owners and high priests and priestesses of actual covens, because they are more than happy to talk about the craft with competence and a centered mind. I have fun with empaths, Pisces, clairvoyants or simply intuitive others.

I won't waste anymore time on these forums than I am now, so if the wind urges you to mail something, come my way. The last thing I have absolute intolerance for is contentious drama queens. I am not the touchy feely type.

Yes, like everyone else, I have a kindling flame within that needs to be fed. I also see rite through people. I am either hot or cold when it comes to me saying something. I have a salamander like nature. My friends call me a 'clorox brother,' or 'Scary Terry'. If you ask me what I like to do it is merely meditating with my singing bowl and having cigarettes in between sessions.

Thank you for reading and your patience. It's greatly appreciated. If I could, I'd live on the dark side of the moon. I worship the moon.
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Re: mellow hello
Post # 2
It is time to keep the ball rolling. Getting out of mercury retrograde soon, so this means, and I am no astrologist, I just know enough to know when to cast spells, so this means by the eleventh I'll be back. Plans don't do well in these times apparently. I want to teach. So this means, I will have to post. It will just have to do with what I have in my path and some of my knowledge. It isn't much, but in the long run it will be collaborative amongst those wanting to learn the black arts and some light. What it all comes down to is wisdom and power.

Anybody want to collaborate?
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