Asking for help w/ herbs

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Asking for help w/ herbs

Asking for help w/ herbs
By: / Novice
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I was asked again to teach about herbs so I wanted to post this for any new members. I believe that this subject (though you can get help with) can not trully be taught but needs to be researched by the person who is looking for the information. Teachers can be wrong and information becomes outdated and incomplete. By researching ourselves we get the most updated information available and you waste less time listening to someone else teach herbs that you will not ever use or only teach their favorite ones which may not be ones yu even care about. This was my responce to the member who asked if I would teach them and for anyone else who would like to know more about herbs.

"I can help direct you but herbs are more of a research topic then a lesson. There are some that can hurt or even kill so it goes without saying that all herbs should be researched before use. Go to my photos on here and you will find a long list of herbs. Download or print them off. Start with say 5 of them on the list and research them. Since they list their magical properties, find 5 that are easy for you to get and that you want to work with as your first ones. Make notes and check them off the list (you will be glad you did after you have gotten say 30 of them done and now you can not remember which ones you did and you do not want to waste time repeating herbs). Mark if they are toxic to humans and/or pets (animals), you do not want to make a shampoo or salve for a pet with something that can hurt them either. Do not look at the whole list until you are done with the 5 you have chosen, there are so many that it can look daunting at times. You can also shorten the list, if you chose to, by crossing of any that you will not want to work with or use, or any that are to hard to get, or are to expensive for you to work with. I still like to research them for the knowledge even though I will not use them all. :) Oh and keep in mind that there are so many out there that no list is ever complete. You will find herbs that were not listed on any list of herbs, it is simply to hard to list them all and their are new ones being discovered all the time. Basically I am saying keep your ears and eyes open for new ones to add to your list. :)

But I can not stress enough to research them before using as the wrong ones can make you very sick or even kill so please research before using any that you do not already know to be safe (like kitchen herbs that we put on food already: thyme, rosemary, sage, etc...).

Hope this helps
Bright Blessings on your Future Path

I hope this post helps more new members and if anyone has any more questions please feel free to ask, but keep in mind I do have a night job and will get back to you as soon as I can. :)

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