A Gift for a friend?

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A Gift for a friend?
Post # 1
I'm soon leaving a dear friend behind as I will be moving to BC from WA. 12hrs apart. She has become very close to my heart in the 3 months that I have known her. She and her father call me an Angel due to how positively I've impacted her life in such a short time (hes father is unaware I'm Wiccan or a witch lol), she they are Christian so she still calls me an Angel. Anyway, I want to get her something small that she can set on her desk or hang on her wall. I'd like to put a protection spell on it and I'd like to maybe link part of my energy into it so if she's down and holds it she will feel closer to me. I don't care if linking my energy may weaken me (not sure if that how it works) I will heal. She needs part of me with her.
Any suggestions on items that will retain magick the longest/best? And which spells would be the best. I don't have any item to use to help me cast any spells as I am packing, moving, too broke and about out of time to go buy things for casting. So spells that only require my voice and my emotions would be best.
Thank u ahead of time!
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Re: A Gift for a friend?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
A paper weight. I often see people picking up one as they are thinking and feeling. Maybe one out of a crystal that you can infuse with protection. I know I would appreciate that. Or a worry stone. Again, made from crystal that feels good in the hands. Just an option for you. BB
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Re: A Gift for a friend?
Post # 3
Thank u for the ideas, I will go look tomorrow or Friday to see what I can find.
Any recommended protection spell people have food luck with. I'm just a beginner, but I'm confident I can do it on such short notice. My emotions are deep for this friend and I know that's enough to give me enough power to make it work
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