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Help please
Post # 1
Hi, I am new to this site. If you would please take a minute to read the paragraph I am about to write and see if there is anything you could suggest I do.

I am a 22 year old female living in the UK. When I was 9 my mother died of cancer. I was too young to remember so much about her but she used to use crystals, spells, tarot cards, etc. Other members of my family have told me before she believed she was cursed or followed by an evil spirit but they refused to talk to me about it further and said the spells and things she used to do was nonsense and not to be messed with. I strongly disagree with them I have had many supernatural experiences and things I can't explain happen around me sometimes. The main point I am trying to get to is that now I am old enough to understand and do my research without others telling me no, I have come to believe that the curse or demon that followed my mum latched on to me after she died. I feel it's presence and has been negatively affecting my life since I was young. I tried a evil spirit banishing spell I found on-line which involved me saying a few sentences.

If spirits threaten me in this place,

Fight Water by Water and Fire by Fire,

Banish their souls into nothingness

and remove their powers until the last trace

Let these evil beings flee

Through time and space.

The site did say the spell was not very strong, but every time I said 'Let these evil beings flee' the spirit was forcing me to say 'Let these evil beings be free'. I had to really concentrate to say it right and got a strong sense that the spirit does want to leave me and felt a wave of sadness.

If anyone knows how I should deal with this or any advise at all please share with me. Thank you so much for reading.

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Re: Help please
Post # 2
There plenty of banishing spells and protection spells on here. You can also try to invoke a guardian spirit, divine being, or a god/goddess for protection for evil spirits or demons. Just have faith that good will come. Although, their is a other way which can be effected but it also painful. I think you don't way to know that one.
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Re: Help please
Post # 3
I am in a similar situation, I have been cursed by my ffamily, the give me the evil eye when no one can see them and I have lost everything because of their actions, and they are still doing it today, my job, relationship, and home are all gone. I have asked them to stop repeatedly, but just get the evil eye and sneer, and things just get worse, I am helpless and need help, they also accuses me of stealing, can you help
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Re: Help please
Post # 4
I would have to say the most affected one would be the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. If you're protected then I would not worry about it. If you show you're not scared then everything should be fine.
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